Children are getting use to touch-screen technology at younger age and they love to spend hours playing online games. They are curious enough to navigate different websites and this is where they are quite prone to the dark side of the online world.

They can easily be waylaid into witnessing ‘raunchy pictures’ or reading ‘unquestionable content’ etc. Bad things are inculcated easily and they can easily go astray. Hence, your responsibility as a parent becomes even more where I have compiled the following post in order to help you know how to keep children safe online.

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Parents need to participate in online world

As parents actively monitor the activities of their children in the real world especially with regards to where, how and what they are playing with. Similarly, the big online world needs their special focus as well. The virtual world is actually bigger than we think and children as per their growing age may tend to conceal facts and hide certain sites from you in the event if you aren’t careful from beginning.

Yes, that many be scary for parents, but not any more though with the presence of TeenShield. Yes, it is a monitoring software which effectively keeps record of every single activity of your child. The feature which I liked a lot is its “live control panel” which lets you view the actions of his activities in your online control panel.

Implement rules

Strategize the amount of time; you want your children to refer online. Children are known for their naughtiness, so you need to be patient enough towards telling them “Do’s and Don’ts”. Yes, you need to tell them the following things:-

  • The recommended sites to go for
  • Specific time of their playing games
  • Penalty if they happen to break the rules

Place the computer centrally

If your computer is placed at a place which is frequented by you and is centrally located, then you can “anytime” and “everytime” keep a close watch on the activities easily.

Habituate them to ensure their privacy

Their naughtiness nature may not help them realize the disadvantages of sharing their personal details online, but you have to address the following basic and obvious concern to them:-

  • Strictly warn them not to open emails from unknown senders
  • Not sharing contact number, email address, postal address, password, school name etc
  • Not to start talking to the strangers, no matter how sweetly they talk

Instruct your child to report anything “objectionable”

You love your child and so he does too. Hence, create a bond of understanding by instructing him to report you on witnessing any objectionable matter and assure him that you won’t be blaming him too.

Final thoughts

This post is on how to keep children safe online. Yes, they are actually based on the experiences which I have gained over time and are equally going to create moments of ease for you too. Let this post become a beginning for a hassle free times of your life as well.