If you think that introducing yourself is just about saying your name, then it is not. Because it is a connection between two people, who exchange their glances and words with each other.In simple words, introducing yourself is a physical contact between two people. Yes, introducing yourself to the strangers is less difficult and tricky, because it is exchanging words depending on the context. So, it is important to know that you always need to introduce yourself depending on the situation and the context. Whether you are introducing yourself to a marketer or addressing the audience before your presentation or just starting a conversation with a stranger at your friend’s birthday party. The most important thing you need to know while introducing yourself is that your way should be appropriate as well as must impress the person.

Like, you all, I also attend the meetings and often meet new people daily. Most of the times, I have been asked to introduce myself.


Despite the simple question, “Please introduce yourself?” or “Tell us little bit about yourself”, we find it hard to answer. It might be because we, people are too complicated and usually asked these questions on the spot, where we only have the option to sound simple and clear. Or might be the reason that this simple question makes them feel like they are selling themselves off. Your introduction helps you in making a good impression on others. No matter, where you are, in a classroom or in a meeting, if you effectively introduce yourself, it will show your best communication skills to other people.

It is really important to prepare for a brief introduction about yourself, because you never know, when and how you will come across one of the simplest questions, “Introduce yourself”, yet the most difficult to answer. Your brief self-introduction tells the people about you and your profession. Your introduction is also known as the “Elevator Speech”, because you have to keep it short, simple and clear. It is the only chance for making a good impression over people and it wants your careful attention.


How to Introduce Yourself

#1. Focus over the Impact
You just have to give a Focus over the Impact. It significantly means that your introduction is the first impression over the other person, so, you need to make the best impact with your focused, brief and a hard hitting short-speech. Prefer to give a brief and clear introduction about yourself within 30 seconds or maximum you can take 60 seconds, but not more than that. If you will have the focused impact, then it will surely leave a good impression over the other person.

#2. Rotating the Focus
Try Rotating the Focus. It means that you just have to seek out for different ways of introducing yourself to the same people. Develop and prepare yourself for different introductions. There are multiple aspects of your work, so, you need to develop introduction for each aspect.

#3. Relevant to the audience
Just remember to make your introduction Relevant to the audience. Your introduction depends on the listener(s). Try to give your introduction by selecting the best aspect of you, which seems to be relevant to the interests of other people.

#4. Believe It
While introducing yourself, you just have to make the other person Believe It. Because, you may sound convincing, if you will try to oversell yourself as well as even seems to be out of the integrity.

#5. Putting your full weight behind it
You just have to ensure that you deliver your introduction to any person by Putting your full weight behind it. It significantly means that you just have to deliver yourself without any apologies or excuses or hesitation. Just avoid using any explanations, which obviously dilute your strengths.

#6. Make yourself look happy
Everyone gets attract towards happiness and so, are your listener(s). It means that while introducing yourself, you really need to make yourself not only happy with your sound, but even make yourself look happy. If you will show people that you are happy with your work, then they will get attracted towards you.

#7. Eye Contact
While talking to your listener(s), you need to make Eye Contact with them. This way they will get to know that their support actually matters to you. Also, making eye contact with your listeners makes them feel that you do have a brief time for them.

#8. Know when to use it and when not
Just find the right moment and the right time for introducing yourself. It significantly means that you need to know when to use it and when not. If you will give a great introduction at the wrong time, then it will fall flat and will leave a bad impression.

#9. When and how to stop
You really need to know that when and how to stop. It means that you need to keep your introduction brief, clear and hard-hitting one. If you will continue adding more and more information, then it will only reduce your impact on the person. It willgive an impression of your weakness and uncertainty. So, keep your introduction crisp.

#10. Leave some space for the listener(s) response
Leave some space for the listener(s) response because the other won’t be able to ask you questions if you will continue talking. So, make sure that you keep your introduction short, simple and easy.

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Remember that your brief introduction will give more impact and even are the best ones. So, provide the other person with the minimum and reveal more in an unforced, natural and a memorable way. While introducing yourself, you really need to keep the setting in your mind. This means that your introduction must be according to the setting. You just need to embrace understatement because to be a humble person is always a divine. Lastly, you need to focus on the other person as well. You will get the best conversation experience if you will talk and give the other person some space to ask or say something back to you.

So, this is how to introduce yourself in every situation and setting. But, remember that just be who you are while introducing yourself to other people, regardless of your accomplishments or titles.