First of all, what exactly is online visibility and why is it important? Essentially, this refers to how visible your website is to search engines. It also means that your site will rank for more keywords, both commercial and non-commercial, which will help you gain more traffic from search engines. If your website has poor online visibility,then it’s likely not many people will be able to find it and you will lose traffic. It is important to know how your website ranks in search engines, and address the areas where it could improve.

Improve the Online Visibility of Your Website

Increase Your Content

If your website only has one page then it will almost certainly get lost in the mass of sites in search engines. The more pages you have, the higher your page ranking will become, and high page ranking means strong online visibility. One great way to increase the content of your website is to start a blog, because if you blog regularly your website will become more noticeable in search engines.

It is also a good idea to enable comments on your blog and share on social media, to generate discussion and keep your followers engaged. When starting a blog, make sure it is part of the company domain, and doesn’t have a different URL. Many web hosting companies now offer cheap domain registration, and tools to help you find the best domain name for your website, which means this process overall is a lot easier.


Another way to improve the online visibility of your website is with web design. It is not all about content, the development and design of your site is important too. For example, using Flash will mean that users will have trouble properly seeing the pages from a mobile device. With the ever growing popularity of smartphones, a significant majority of page views come from mobile devices. In order to ensure you don’t lose out on page views, and ultimately decrease your page ranking, it’s necessary to build a website that is mobile user friendly. For more information on creating an effective design plan for your company, read our article on logo design.

Social Media

Not everyone has to become a social media expert, but this area is a useful tool for promoting a business and the more you use it the more your online visibility will increase. Merely having accounts in place and keeping them active in a basic way can raise your visibility to users of the networks and to search engines, says Christopher Null, veteran technology and business journalist on Search engines index social media pages, and over time if someone searches for your company, they will find your social media sites as well as your website, therefore increasing the online visibility of your company website.