If you are started new blog or site then it is important to get indexed your blog in Google, that can you get good organic traffic and high page ranking on Google. Generally Google takes some time until Google visits your pages, even if you submitted your blog to webmaster tool it takes weeks until Google visits your blog. so, here is some tips to get indexed your blog within 48 hours and NOT within weeks.


1. Get an link From an Exiting Blogs/Sites.

Links are very important for getting high rank on Google.  If you have more (Quality) links, the higher Google will rank your pages.
You can join a forum to get a link to your website easily. Participate in the discussions and share your posts with your name and a link to your blog. also you can get links by posting Guest Posts on high ranking blogs as well. Make sure that you do not spam the forums. You have to only participate in a online discussion if you really have something to share about the topic. if you post in a well known forum then Google will quickly pickup the link to your site. Many of  bloggers trying to get links by commenting on other high ranking blogs. but this method is NOT good for you, if Google found your more and more links into comment section then you will get penalty by Google. They will hide your blog’s results form search and their automatic system will mark you as a spam. so rid your self from this type of work.

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2. Create External Blog With Blogger/Blogspot.

Many time i noticed that Google Indexed Blogspot blogs very quickly. Create new blog with Google’s blogger.com service that is related to your blog niche. write a few posts and add a link to your website/blog in your blog posts. Then Google will quickly index your blogger blog and find the link to your blog/website.

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3. Share Your Content to Social Media Sites.

Create an account on social media sites with the same username as your blog’s URL is very effective in getting your blog/website indexed quickly by search engines. as example, if you blog’s name is “SEO9” then you have to create an account on twitter and Facebook and other social sites with same  username “SEO9” then social media will definitely help you to indexed your site faster and also it will help you to  build a “brand” for your blog.

If you use these all of method, It’s very likely, Google will index your blog or website within 48 hours.