Oh! You lost your girlfriend and now you want her back? What a silly question I am asking. If you are here, then obviously you are searching for an answer for “how to get your ex-girlfriend back”. No matter, whether your relationship broke up months ago or years ago or just a day ago or even if she is dating someone else. There is always a way to get her back, because she is the only one who captured your heart. All you need is to just take a little time out and go through this article because it will certainly help you in getting your ex-girlfriend. And remember that your hard work will be worth it because you are doing for those who really matters to you.

Getting your ex-girlfriend back in your life isn’t really a hard thing. The hard thing is to keep them with you after getting her back. Because they left you, so what you have to do since leaving you again? There is no point in getting your ex-girlfriend back if you really don’t put up your efforts to keep her permanently with you. So, today I am here to help you guys out through your awful breakup from your girlfriend and how to get her back. I probably won’t give you any guarantees for getting your ex-girlfriend back to you, but if you will follow this article, then you have a chance to get her back.


Take your time and do not contact her

After you broke up with your girlfriend, just spend a little time apart from each other. Remember not to talk to her at least for two weeks or so. Yes, breakups are quite emotionally draining and even you also need a little time to calm down yourself, breathe fresh air as well as start taking things in a logical perspective. The sufficient time will help you to cool down yourself as well as keep you less emotionally charged. Also, it will give you enough time to evaluate your feelings after your breakup, including the point where you got it wrong or whether you really want your ex-love to be back with you or not.

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Focus on yourself

In the sufficient time of two weeks or so, just focus on yourself. Just enjoy and live your life freely without any compromises. Also, its time when you really don’t need to evaluate yourself. Enjoy with your friends, go to parties, change your lifestyle, make new friends and so on. JUST LIVE IT! Remember that enjoying being your sexy life makes you the sexiest man. This will significantly help you in re-establishing your self-worth as well as in getting back the main motive of your life. After spending two weeks without her, if you are still certain about to get her back, then move on further.

Think about “Why she left you”

If you are planning to get her back, then you must think upon the reason why she left you and what actually went wrong. No girl will accept you back if you really don’t know the reason why she broke up with you. So, think of and find the answers to:

  • The last words of her before breakup or your last conversation
  • Did you see any signs of breaking up in her last conversation?
  • Did she ever said to you that she don’t love you anymore or doesn’t feel like before?

Obviously, you can think what changed her and think upon the facts and hints which she might have thrown at you to end the relationship.

After taking sufficient time and thinking about everything as well as getting all the answers, move on further.

Reach out to contact her

Get back in touch with her. No matter through what medium you contact her, just remember to keep your message playful and light. Just show her your breezy and easy version, which she once loved when you both started dating. Avoid saying “I want us both to get back together” or “We have to talk”. These messages are a way too heavy and she might not get eager to meet you up.

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Just keep your post-breakup meeting casual

Yes, meeting your ex-girlfriend will be an overwhelming experience after your breakup, but just remember to be cool and casual with her. No matter you are meeting after two years or two months, just keep yourself at ease. Try meeting her for a lunch or a coffee similarly like you meet your friends. Just don’t do anything grand for her as it will seem that you are a needy person or you are trying to get her back at any cost. Just make your meeting a fun, light and flirty because you just want to make her feel that you are the guy with whom she fallen in love with, not a guy with whom she broke up.

Continue having casual meet-ups

Even after having your first casual meeting post your break-up, you are certainly sure about getting her back, then do continue having casual meet-ups with her.

Did you notice that why I am actually reminded you to check yourself again and again for getting her back? It is because many men are so wrapped up in getting their ex back to them that they even don’t know the reason, why they want her back.

If you finally succeed in getting her back, then it means that your relationship will go on to the next level. So, it is better to make sure what you really want from her and what she wants from you.

Go for it

After meeting your ex casually for several times, if you still want her back in your life, then you can tell her that what you have learned and realized through the time when you both were not together. Tell her that you know the reason for the break up and now you are working to rectify everything.

Do the work

After making up with her, start working on your relationship, especially on those things which you have acknowledged during the time when you two were apart. Just show her that now you will be going better. Have patience and a good communication with her. If you do everything for her, rectify all your mistakes, then you are definitely going to have her back in your life.

Yes, relationships do end up with bitter accusation. But, now you have time to think upon what you have lost, still want her back. And remember my words, “Put your mind and heart together, you will win her back”. Just fix up everything where you got it wrong because it will prove her that you are a changed person now.

Just follow and get your ex-girlfriend back. Enjoy!

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