With the rapid innovations in the new technology, our gadgets are getting outdated early. We, people, are buying, selling and changing our gadgets more than our clothes. We are buying more gadgets now instead of new fashion clothes. If you are in favor of a big-screen smartphone and planning to leave your tablet behind or if you are planning to upgrade to a new tablet, then don’t just throw it away directly. Because you have other options like you can donate it, sell it or throw away. This can help you in offsetting the cost of your new tablet or a smartphone or can put a little money into your pockets.


Throwing or selling your tablet directly can be speculative for your personal information or things which are saved on your tablet. There can risk to your personal information which can be taken out of your tablet. You never know what the third person might do with your personal information. You have to be very careful when you are trying to get rid of your old gadgets. Getting personal information leaked is one of the most common scenarios nowadays. Since people just throw or sell away their old gadgets without properly erasing all of their personal stuff and it can be a real mess afterward.

So, if you are finding a solution to how to get rid of your old tablet, then here we are with some steps which you must follow before selling or throwing away your tablet.

Note: Please ensure to back up all important files, including the documents and images.

Erase Memory or Delete Data from your Tablet

Before selling or throwing away your tablet, just do ensure that you have deleted all the personal stuff which you stored in it. It might be possible that you have to take the pain of going through the folders in the internal memory, but it is better to delete before regretting.

Erase Memory on Android

If you own an Android smartphone, then follow these steps to erase the data from it. Before following the steps, just do remember that you won’t be able to get the data back. The process is not reversible.

  • First, take out the memory card from your Android
  • Navigate to the Settings>>Backup and Reset
  • Click on Factory Reset

Your tablet will be cleaned automatically, without leaving a trace of anything.

Erase Memory on iOS

If you own an iOS device, then you have to follow few more steps. So, be careful.

Disable all the Services
Settings of your iPad>>iCloud>>Find my iPad>>Type in the Password>>Disable

Delete iCloud Account
Settings of your iPad>>iCloud>>Sign Out or Delete Account

Disable iMessage
Settings of your iPad>>iMessage>>Disable iMessage

Turn Off iTunes and Apple Store
Settings>>iTunes and Apple Store>> Sign Out

Now, we come with a solution to delete everything on your iPad. If you are done with all the above-given steps, then you can proceed further. Also, do remember that it is not a reversible process; you won’t get the data back.

  • Navigate to the Settings of your iPad>>General Tab
  • Click on Reset>>Erase all Contents and Settings

By following this step, you can assure yourself that your personal data which was once stored on the iPad won’t be misused by anyone. Now, you can sell or throw your tablet.

Sell your Tablet

If you are planning to sell your tablet, then you have three different options, and that is, Sell it to a friend, Sell it Online or Sell it to a Recycling Company.

Sell it to a Friend
If any of your friends is interested in buying a tablet, then you can sell your tablet to him/her. It is one of the ways to ensure that your tablet is in good hands. It is considered to be a good option because you know the person to whom you are selling your tablet.

Sell it Online
Another option is selling your tablet online. If you think that your tablet still has a worth, then you can find the perfect buyers for your tablet online. The buyers will get to know about your online selling advertisement and will contact you. You will get the best deal with the best price offer. There are numerous websites where you can place an ad to sell your tablet.

Sell it to a Recycling Company
The best and the final option we have is to sell your tablet to a recycling company. If you are aware of how to recycle your tablet, then it is good, but if you don’t, then there are numerous recycling companies which can help you. If you know about any trusted recycling company, then contact them and sell your tablet. The company will recycle the parts of your tablet and give you the money.

Recycling your old gadgets is the best option because every year the tech waste is increasing and the government is initiating the steps to save the material for good. Moreover, you will even get the best price for your tablet to be recycled. And we don’t think there is nothing better than this.

Throw Away your Tablet

If you are planning to throw away your tablet, then it means that it is not worth to be sold or recycled. So, the best way is to throw your tablet is to break it before rather than throwing it away directly in the garbage. Just take out the battery of your tablet and break it with a hammer. You have to follow this step at a safe place so that nothing goes wrong. After your tablet is completely in a trashed condition, just throw it away.

After breaking your tablet with a hammer, just pick up the broken pieces of its glass display in a separate poly bag. Throwing away your tablet is a good option when you are sure that your tablet is absolutely worthless and won’t work at all. Otherwise, if it has something, then we would recommend you to go with other options.

Donate your Tablet

If you are planning to donate your tablet, then donate it to a needy person. Donating something to the needy is a kind act and if your tablet is in working condition, then why not give it to people who can use it. Maybe your tablet is completely useless for you, but it can be of a great value to someone in need. You can go to the nearby charity office or any NGO to give your tablet to them and they can take care of the rest. Or if you can find someone on your own who can use it well, then definitely do it.

We hope that now you have got the answer to the question, how to get rid of your old tablet and that too without losing any personal data. But, again we would like to remind you to clean everything from your tablet before getting rid of it. Whether you Sell it, Donate it or Throw away, do after erasing all the data.