When we talk about SEO, then backlinks are the first topic that comes to our mind. Backlinks are very important, especially to increase the SERP, Pagerank and other related rankings of your blog.

However, getting backlinks from some 100 random blogs will not benefit your blog. Instead, getting such backlinks will result in your blog getting penalized by Google.

Therefore, there are many points to take care of before actually starting building backlinks to your blog. After the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates came into existence, building backlinks is a complex task.

If you’re new into blogging and link-building stuffs, then today we’re here to help you out. As today, we will be guiding you through some important factors to take care off, to get some quality backlinks to your blog.

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Below are some important factors to consider, in order to get quality backlinks to your blog:

1. Guest Blogging:

Well, even though some recent restrictions are brought by Google against Guest Blogging, it is the most popular and the most commonly used means to gain some backlinks.

However, most of the bloggers simply guest blog on some random blogs. If you’re a blogger, who guest blogs on any blog without any regulations, then you should stop doing so.

Instead you should guest post only on selective blogs. You should never choose blogs, with only high Pagerank. When you choose a blog to guest post on, be sure that you choose a blog with good Pagerank, Domain Authority, SERP ranking and moreover a blog with great reader-interaction.

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2. Blog Commenting:

The second most popular means to get some quality backlinks to your blog. As I said earlier, quality matters really more than quantity, everywhere.

Therefore, while choosing blogs for commenting, choose blogs that has do-follow CommentLuv enabled, blogs with the really good reader-engagement.

And while blog commenting, don’t promote your blog in-between the comment. Give a detailed comment on the topic. Moreover, comment on newer articles. Always try to be the first to comment. Reply to other comments, and be a regular commentator. Don’t just post comments for the sake of backlinks.

This way, you’ll be able to fix yourself a position amongst the “Trusted Commentators” of these blogs, and you’ll get extra exposure for your blog too.

3. Share On Social Media’s:

Google does really care social media shares as backlinks. Google gives high priority for social media’s and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon etc.

Hence, the number of social shares your blog post gets, also somewhat counts as backlinks, and will surely help you get some SERP boost.

How to get the best out of social media’s?
Circle popular bloggers in your niche, add them to your connections and establish a healthy blogging relationship with them. Share their articles, comment on their articles and post relevant comments.

You can point out mistakes, personal or technical errors in their articles etc., doing this will help you get a positive impression between other bloggers.

And in return, they’ll too share your articles, comment on your blogs and will give you tips to improve. And hence you’ll be getting some good social media shares, and a good relationship with other bloggers.

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Final Words:

The points mentioned here might be really common. But simply following these points as some rituals won’t matter. And unlike past years, the quality of the backlinks you get really matters a lot than the quantity.

Therefore, getting 40-50 backlinks from high authority sites, can benefit you more than getting 100’s of backlinks from low authority sites.