The concept of Hot or Not Image rating site is not new for those who have already seen the movie Social Network which is about Mark Zuckerberg and inception of Facebook, it is sure that people who are regular to usage of Facebook must have definitely seen the movie. And for those who have not seen this movie and have no knowledge about the concept we speak about a hot or not site is the one which gives permission for the site owner to host a contest to find popularity of any current topic.

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Now that the basic understanding of hot or not site has been given, we will delve deeper into the article to see how a hot or not image rating site can be built through WordPress. Follow the steps given below to set up a hot or not image rating site:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is install Hot or Not plugin which also has to be activated after installation, once the activation has been done the site owner can see that this plugin will add couple of new menu items to the WordPress admin sidebar.
  • Now the first menu item that has been added is Competitors which is regular post type, the steps to add new competitor is Click on “Competitors” and “Add New” which will help in adding new competitor that looks like any WordPress edit screen for posts. For those who want to add an image in the competitor can go with “Add Media” going ahead with browsing for the image and uploading it.
  • Quite similar to the categories used in posts there are Groups in the traditional pane on right side of the screen, there groups will help in running the Hot or Not competitions only among certain members who are part of a group. Additionally multiple groups also can be created where one single competitor can be made part of these multiple groups at the same time.
  • Competitors can be added by uploading few images, only one competitor can also be added numerous images which can have text below them along with appropriate title for the competitor. Adding all this will give prim look to the competition when it is being held among the members.
  • Once competitors have been added to a certain group, a competition has to be set amongst them, in order to create new competition new WordPress page or post can be created. Short code generator can be used by clicking on the lightning bolt icon which is on the editor’s menu buttons in the post. Short code for competition can be inserted only after they have been configured based on the needs.
  • Rest is to publish the post or page in order to see how the competition is going on live in the site where it is needed.

Customizing Hot or Not

Customization options which are set along with Hot or Not are very easy to configure, the steps are given below for better understanding of Hot or Not customization:

  • Go for Settings in Hot or Not plugin which allow its configuration.
  • This is the page which helps in deciding the maximum size of the image for competitors, additionally it also helps the users to share this competitor though Facebook. If the user has cast his vote in competition there will be display of transition message after which the plugin is said to load the next competition. In order to save the changes just click on Update All settings.
  •  The words like Hot or Not or something else can also be decided here in case of their appearance on page, all these options can be customized by going to Customise in Hot or Not plugin. Go to Styling in Hot or not plugin in order to make changes in the colour scheme and visual appearance of the competitions.

Hot or Not rating site has its own set of disadvantages where there are chances that they might become habitual for the website users where it will have a toll on the bounce rate of site instead there will be an increase in the time which is spent by the user on one single page.

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We hope that the article above will be sufficient to help you create a Hot or Not image rating site using WordPress, also hoping that your attempt to use this plugin on the site will turn out to be success.