Hero Moto Corp is called the soul of Indian two wheelers. Hero Moto Corp enjoys a whopping 46% market share for two wheelers in India. Hero Moto Corp was started in 1984 as a small company but, now it’s one of the biggest companies in the country. Because of this reason going for a franchise of Hero Moto Corp is a very wise decision. The company masters in producing affordable two wheelers and has maintained it trusts for the past few decades. The company offers a large variety of affordable two wheelers and with increasing market; it’s also stepping into a higher segment of motorcycles. Since people of India love and trust this brand so it’s safe to say that the brand is going to be successful in new motorcycles as well. So if you wish to join this brand with its franchise dealership then it’s very good.

Since the brand is getting a lot of success in its latest offerings so it is bound to increase its franchise and that’s good for you.


What makes Hero Moto Corp so much demandable?

Hero Moto Corp is one of the early companies which started to offer light and affordable motorcycles in the country. It established at the time when people, were not so much used to motorcycles and making them affordable, was only made things better. Moreover, the company exactly searched what people of India needed in a two-wheeler and it provided that and for that, it’s the most trusted brand. Now because of that trust the company has always been on the rise and thus going for its franchise is bound to have good benefits.

The company started in 1984 when Hero Cycles joined hands with Honda and came forward as Hero Honda. The vast network of Hero Cycles and top engineering of Honda proved to be wonderful for the company. The company soon established it’s foot in every part of the company and began to be known as a company with motorcycles for common people. People of India wanted motorcycle which can be trusted, have low maintenance, good fuel economy and most importantly it should be affordable. Hero Honda understood the need and they came up with the motorcycles which people just couldn’t resist. Hero Honda became the undeclared king of motorcycles in India for that time. Even now Hero Moto Corp is the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles in India.

As said above Hero Moto Corp currently has 46% of two-wheeler market share in India which is far great than its competitors. There is no doubt the Hero Moto Corp doesn’t deal in high segment motorcycles but, the segment where it plays, it rules there. In 2010 Hero Honda went on their separate ways but, also didn’t stop this company from going higher. The company maintained it’s trusted by its customers and the support it got from its customers in return was magnificent. Even now common people prefer Hero Moto Corp two-wheelers on any other brand just due to its brand trust.

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What do you need?

As said above Hero Moto Corp is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the country and there is no sign of slowing down. Because of this very reason, it’s also ready to expand its business and services all across the nation. Now if you need to have a franchise dealership from Hero Moto Corp then, this is very good news. Although there is no official figure for investment for getting a franchise from this company but, 1.3 to 1.4 crore is a good estimate. Moreover, you also need the setup, spare part and a sale of 200 vehicles which is minimum expectation from any company. If you can provide all of this then, there is a good chance for you to get a franchise from Hero Moto Corp.

How to Apply for Franchise and Dealership

The best way to apply for Hero Moto Corp franchise is to go to their office and give all your details directly to the office. You’ll have to go to their head office and provide all details like investment, land and other assets which you have. The concerned authority will be able to provide you with the exact information which you seek. They will also be able to help you with any specific requirement which you must have to apply for a franchise. If there will be any form to fill then do that but, chose your words very carefully as those words should impress the individual in an instant.

The second best way it to apply for the franchise from Hero Moto Corp website. There is a page for Corporate Inquiries which you can use applying for the franchise you seek. When you’ll visit that page, there will be form, do fill it carefully and with precise information. At the end, you need to fill the reason for contacting which you can use to tell everything about the franchise. You can also use the contact us page on their website but that is for more general purpose so going through Corporate Enquiries is a better idea.

Either you choose to go to the head office or through the website, choose your words carefully. Be specific and to the point and yet professional so that the person in front cannot resist your application. Do remember that the person in front will be getting a lot of applications like yours so be very professional and specific.

Address and other details
Contact Number(toll-free): 1800 2660018
Address: Hero Moto Corp Ltd. 34, Community Center, BasantLok, VasantVihar, New Delhi– 110057, India.
Tel: +91-1-26142451, 26144121
Fax: +91-11-26143321, 26143198

What after application got approved?

If your application gets approved then, there might be training sessions which can vary from a position of the employee. The timing for these sessions can also vary as per from few months to 6 months. These training sessions will basically be there to teach you all about handling and maintaining the brand environment in your dealership. Every company nowadays pays very close attention to their branding and no one wants to take any chances with their branding.

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So, if you are planning to get the dealership of Hero Moto Corp franchise, then make this wise decision right away.