Actually the dream of most blogger is to monetize there blog for online money, especially through Advertisement. The best way to do that is to use the Google AdSense, and to get the Google AdSense approved isn’t that much easy. It’s said that the best is hard to get, but I will help you out by giving some guidelines on how to get your Google AdSense ad approve within a week.

If you are using a [dot BlogSpot] domain your AdSense account is probably going to be approved very easily, but with some other platform it will be some kind of difficult but after reading this article it will be very easy.

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1.) Write Quality Articles For Your Website
This is one of the major criteria you have to follow before you ever think of getting approved by Google and also make sure that your articles are not copied from someone else.

2.) How Old Is Your Website?
This really matters in Google AdSense approval, since you are writing a well nurtured article for your blog, then your website needs to be at-least 3months old before you can apply for the Google AdSense online money earner, if your website isn’t an original website then you have to wait for at-least 6months to get Google’s approval. Google consider the domain age as one of there to criteria because thousands of people with low quality blogs will start getting access to the Google AdSense option.

3.) Traffic
You might think that your page rank will help you get an immediate approval, No, Google goes after nothing other than your traffic. A site with the minimum of 100 daily visitors can’t be approved by Google, because there won’t be anyone to click on the Advert.

4.) How Many Posts Do You Have On Your Blog?
You are highly advice to apply only if your website has a range of post on it, minimum of 30-40 post is highly recommended for any one that want to get an instant approval for its blog.

5.) Make sure you read the Privacy Policies before applying
It should cover all the information that you collect and store from the visitors of your website. You should also mention about tracking cookies. A special note about Google Advertising Program will be very helpful. Check this privacy policy out to get more knowledge about what I am saying,

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6.) Following their Terms and Conditions
Have you read their terms and conditions? If No, then follow this link to read and follow their terms and conditions.

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7.) Don’t Use Different Email Ids If You Have Failed The First Trial.
Changing your email address will make everything look complicated to you after failing the first trial, to avoid this you need to use the same email id you have use before to continue the process. Also make sure that the email address you are using is yours.

Actually earning via Google AdSense isn’t the only way to earn money online there are some other alternatives for the Google AdSense. If you have tried using Google AdSense and it failed you, please drop a comment below so that I can recommend so other alternative for Google Adsense.

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