Writing an essay is never an easy task, no matter how much experience you have in doing this. It gets even more complicated if you have a tight deadline and a topic which requires a lot of research. But if you are organized and know some tricks, you can get any type of essay, including a college application, done in a very short time.

You can type in Googlewrite my admission essay‘ and get your essay done by a writer from a reputable online writing company, but the best thing to do is first try to do it by yourself. Your only solution is not to buy essay online as you might think. It is possible to write a good paper even when you are pushed by time if you know what to focus on.

Essay Writing

The right mindset

First of all, you have to get the right mindset. This is not a good moment to panic or pessimistic. If you feel defeated before you even started writing, gather all your energy and banish those feelings. Stay positive, accept the challenge and take a can-do attitude. This of this as a battle that you have to win and always keep the end goal in mind, whether it is getting into the college you want, getting the job your want or simply getting a high grade and impress your teacher. Stay calm, take a deep breath and create a plan.

Turn off all distractions

If you are on a tight deadline, the last thing you want is your best friend calling you to chat or continuously checking the Facebook notifications. It’s really not a good time for procrastination, so you’d better switch off social media, your phone and any device that might distract you. You can also install an app such as Darkroom which is a full-screen text editor which forces you to look only at your essay or an app that will keep you away from social media for a certain period.

Type your essay instead of handwriting it

Most young people type much faster than the write by hand, so unless your teacher requested a handwritten essay, you’d better type it. You will not only write it faster, but it will also be much easier to edit it or change things around. This also makes the essay easier to read and you won’t end up with an achy arm that might slow you down.

Read the question

Mistakes can be made very easily especially when you are in a hurry. Ensure that you have fully understood the question before you start writing. You do not want to realize that you misunderstood the question when you’re almost done writing your paper. When you are under pressure your brain can easily see what it wants to see, so make sure you pay attention when you read the question and underline the key words in the title such as analyze or compare. There are infinite essay topics, many of them quite similar so that you can get mislead pretty easy.

Prepare your resources

Before you sit down and start writing you should prepare all your books and other sources that you will use. You should now the admission essay format or the format of any other paper that you have to write. By doing this, you will not spend precious time in the library or on the Internet looking for quotes and information.

Write a short sentence, to sum up, your argument

By summing up your argument in a single sentence, you will be able to see clearly what you should focus your writing on. If you cannot do it, it means that you are not sure what you want to say and that you will be waffling in your essay. It’s crucial to start with a clear understanding of your argument, because your whole essay will revolve around it.

Put your notes right into the document

When you are in a hurry, you could use your notes directly as your essay plan. Write your notes as one-sentence summaries for each paragraph or with bullet points directly into the document you have opened for your essay. For each point also add one or two lines on what evidence you will use to support your idea. Once done, organize these ideas into a final structure by dragging and dropping them in the order you think it works. This will be your essay plan.

Use the notes to create a paper with an argument

You already have your outline, so you can start turning your notes into a complete essay simply by rewriting them into an academic format for a college essay or any other type of essay. Add sentences just to glue all your ideas together and to build your argument.

Leave the introduction and conclusion for last

In case you did not know, the introduction and conclusion are the most difficult parts of writing an essay. So it would be better to leave them for last. After you’re done with the body of your paper, it would be much easier to create the intro and summarize the conclusion, because now you are familiar with the argument.

Add the references while you are writing the paper not after

If your essay requires a bibliography and references, you should add these as you go along with your writing. After you quote someone, simply go and add in the footnote with your reference. At the same time, copy and paste the book’s details into the bibliography from the end of your essay.

Check for mistakes as you go along

Another thing that you can do while you write your paper is proofreading. Why spend time at the end when you can check for grammar, spelling, and typos as you go along? Of course, you should proofread your paper and make sure it flows well once it’s done, but it will be much faster if you have already gone through it once while you were writing it.

DO NOT copy paste

Feeling under pressure might push you into stupid mistakes. Do not be tempted to plagiarize under any circumstances. The internet is full of information, but this does not mean you should copy and paste paragraphs that you think would be perfect for your essay. The point of any essay is to help you consolidate the information you have gathered during the course and that you can prepare for future exams. Your teacher can easily detect if you copied a text simply by pasting it in Google. Plagiarism will prevent you from learning the topic in depth and can also affect the quality of the reference your teacher gives you for the university. It’s just not worth the risk.

Avoid over-quoting

Because you need a specific number of words or pages for your essay you might be tempted to use too many quotes or very longs paragraphs from other people. You might think that will help you reduce the amount of writing, but it only shows your teacher that you do not completely master the subject yourself. Most part f your essay should be your own words and the quotes you use should be accompanied by your comments on them.

Take a much-needed break

Although you might feel that you are running out of time, a short break from time to time will help you keep focused and prevent you from exhausting yourself. But if you do not feel like taking a break, just take advantage of the spate of productivity and inspiration for as long as it lasts.

Drink water and have healthy snacks

Dehydration can lead to headaches, blurry vision and the inability to focus. So does hunger. So make sure that you have a bottle of water and some healthy snacks next to you, to help you stay alert and keep your energy levels.

Keep yourself motivated

Think of a reward that you will get once you finish your essay, such as a chocolate bar, an ice-cream, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, going out with your friends or anything that will keep you motivated and look forward to finishing this essay fast. You have worked hard, so you deserve a reward.

Writing an essay can prove a real challenge, especially when you do not have enough time. Asking for essay help from your teacher or a tutor can prove really helpful, as they can give some information that can help you better understand the topic, know what resources to look for and finish your essay faster.