Facebook Provides many good privacy option to Facebook users to hide their personal details, pics, or them self from others like you can hide your Facebook friend list from public to view or hide your Facebook status updates from certain people and most good privacy Facebook provide is to locked or restricted your Facebook photos from public to watch it. You can also restricted or locked your Facebook profile pic and make it non-clickable that can your friend will not able to click on your Facebook profile pic to view it in larger frame. In today’s article i will show you a way to enlarge non-clickable profile picture and view it in larger frames.

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The good thing is that you don’t need to use any third party service or not need to install any add-one, this is a very simple method but many people’s are not aware about this and they uses mozilla and chrome add-on to make it done. So, what is the trick to view non-clickable private facebook profile picture in larger frames?

Here’s we go,

First thing you need to do is that go to facebook.com > Open Facebook profile of that person whose photo you was not able to see > Right click on profile pic and select “View Image” like below :

Now, you will see the image with the same size as you sown in profile pic 200×200, but ignore it and look at address bar the profile URL will look like this :


Now just remove above red colored text (s200x200/)and finally profile url should look like this :


Now, hit enter, and then you will see the small private image in original larger one.  :)

I hope this post helped you to view private Facebook profile picture in original larger frame. if you have any query leave comments and don’t forget to check out more Facebook tips and tricks.