Autoplay YouTube
YouTube is a World Largest Video Sharing Website today Where user can upload, view and share video to friends and internet community. The YouTube company will provide a video about TV Clips, Music Personal, tutorial, and sport etc. all types of videos are hosted.

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YouTube Autoplay Features for Embedded Videos to your website or any blog. So this way when ever any people or visitor looking for your website to your YouTube video embed page this video are play automatically instead of asking them to click and start video. If you think that to start your all YouTube video in your website or blogger page with auto play you have a look below procedure.

How to embed autoplay YouTube video to blogger?

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you can embed youtube videos anywhere as you want, like blogger sidebar , blogger post or any custom .html page etc..

so firstly copy and paste below code at where you want to show youtube video in autoplay mode.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src=""  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

now you need to replace above blue colored lines with your youtube URL and you can also adjust height and with of the video by editing into above red colored line.

How to find YouTube videos URL

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Everyone know that where is youtube url but some newbie don’t know what is url and where it is, so follow the below simple steps to get your youtube video url.

  1. Simply go to the
  2. Search for a video that you want to get the URL for.
  3.  Youtube URL is in the top address bar on your browser. ( see the Screenshot below.)

YouTube URL

Still Not Understand? Watch Short Video Tutorial Below :

Now Youtube video will starting Auto play without waiting for visitor response. hope you find this tutorial helpful please drop your comments and question below.