Facebook has become one of the best marketing platforms in the world. It is easy to drive interactions through Facebook and gain audience for your product. Marketing over social media platforms like Facebook gives a company the power to reach targeted audience. Nowadays, even the app industry is targeting Facebook to drive more app installations. If you wish to get your app installed from Facebook all you have to do is run Facebook ads for the targeted audience. You can definitely reach out more potential customers irrespective of language and culture.


Types of Ads That Run on Facebook

There are a number of ads that run on Facebook, but the two major ones that every one of you should know about are:

  • App Installs: These ads are designed to drive app installs. As the users click on these ads, they are redirected to the App Store page of the app.
  • Engagement Ads: These types of ads are specially designed to bring interaction on the pages. You can easily set the type of audience and set other parameters depending on your job.

Facebook Targeting

One of the coolest features Facebook have is custom and lookalike audience. The custom audience means that you just need to upload the emails of your users on Facebook and your ads will be shown to them. The lookalike audience means the people having same interests as your existing users. Facebook has a precise data of different users. You can target the audience worldwide. Facebook targeting is one of the best ways for App Store Optimization.

Driving More App Installs through Facebook

It is very important to retain the users after they have installed the app. According to a study, nearly 77% of the users abandon the apps within three days of installation and the percentage goes to 95% if you see the graph for 90 days. You need to act smartly to retain maximum number of users. You need to target the audience that is made for your app. All this can easily be done through Facebook. Follow this guide to learn more.

Define your Goals

There is no point of spending money without a clear objective. You must have a clear goal. Facebook provides you with lots of options to choose from. As your goal is to drive maximum app installs, you must run app installs ads. But your aim should be a little different. You must run a campaign to check how things actually work. Take a small budget, try out various things and see to it what works the best. So next time when you run a campaign, it should be a bang on success.

Define the Audience

If you want that your app remains installed on most of the users smartphones, you must target the related audience. There is no point of targeting audience that is not for your niche. To get more success, you must target the audience that is relevant and made for your app. This will ensure that your app is not abandoned by the users just after making the installation.

Design Awesome Ad

Your ad must be eye pleasing and should have used great graphics. Make sure to use eye-pleasing picture and impressive text or headline. Your ad must be appealing to attract the user’s eye so that the user can actually click on it and visit your product page.

Call to Action

It is the button on your page. Again, it must be relevant. Suppose your app is about hotels the button text must be ‘Book Now’, if it’s a game then the button text should be ‘Play Now’ and so on. Moreover, make sure that the App Store page where the user will be redirected after clicking on call to action button should be informative. The user should be convinced with the information provided on the page.

How Much Should You Spend?

The actual question here arises is how much should you spend? It is totally up to you to decide on the budget. You must start with low budget, practice the targeting methods and then invest your money on the method that has given your most results. This is how it goes. You can definitely drive more app installs from Facebook using this strategy.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is the ideal destination for the internet marketers to target just anything. It has revolutionized the definition of SEO and ASO. You can easily target the desired audience using Facebook targeting and drive instant results. So, go ahead and see how many app install you can drive using this strategy.