In this year Facebook launched many features and facilities for us, but sometimes we’ve don’t like any changes in Facebook, as we all know that when Facebook launched Timeline feature, then most of people didn’t liked it and tried to remove it but all the time they failed to do it, because now timeline feature is compulsory to use for all users and they don’t allow to remove it, however, in mozilla add-on  and some other software’s provides us to remove and customize our Facebook design and style, but only we can see that changes in our profile, not your friends or other, that’s why people doesn’t use that type of software’s and mozilla add-on. but today i found another Mozilla firefox add-on, called “Chat Undetected” , what is “Chat Undetected” ? Chat Undetected will help you to disable chat read receipt feature. what is chat read receipt feature? whenever you chat with someone on facebook, you can see that they’ve read your message or not. for more detail check in above image. sometime we won’t want to someone to know if we’ve read message or not, then “Chat Undetected” help you to disable this feature that you go undetected. Get your add-on : Click here !

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