Relationships nowadays are too much fragile. Fights, jealousy, possessiveness everything makes it more harsh and difficult to handle. You people keep opposing vehemently to each other at times. But does that really help? Reacting back, shouting, ego and lack of understanding eventually spoil it. The devastation of breakup eventually sears the two souls apart. But sometimes complications in a relationship are inevitable and we need to be strong enough to deal with this. So, now we will find out some easy ways to deal with complicated relationships.

Know why it is getting complicated

There can be a couple of reasons as to why it is getting too much complicated. Most common reason being that, one wants to hold it back whereas the other wants to give up with it. Stop being egoistic and try to accept your fault when it is getting too much complicated. You need to see the real issue behind it rather than fighting and blaming each other.

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Dealing with it

It is a real pain to be in a complicated relationship. Fighting each day with someone whom you want your better half for the rest of the life is really heartbreaking. The emotion that was so deep a few years back, now it has become so uneasy. It hurts to be there.

Reasons behind complications

Infatuations are very different from love. You can feel that you are in love with someone whereas you have not actually. Love is wonderful and the most strong feeling that exists. When you love someone, he/she becomes an amazing person in front of you. You tend to love her even with too many imperfections, too. You never fall out of love. And if while being with someone, you feel some other kind of attractions for someone else too, be sure you’re not yet in love. Love can drive you crazy and still make you conscious for the well-being of the other. One big reason behind these complications can be the realization that you don’t love the person you are in a relationship with.

A fight which he/she is ready for, and you are not yet can drive in complications. Fights due to some silly issues if not dealt nicely can turn vigorous if one of the mates has used a piercing word. Usually, these complicated relationships, ends up very fiercely. If you feel that love is one-sided, you better let it go. Holding back something for too long which doesn’t even belong to you will eventually hurt you. And if you realize that you’re not yet in love, better tell him/her as fast as possible. And yes, be sure about your feelings before you let him/her know.

End the problems on a good note before it gets complicated too much

When you are in a relationship, there will definitely be some problems or the other many times. But there is a difference between problems and complications. Problems can be solved out but prolonged complications just ruin any relationship. You need to work on the problems on the very first stage and try eliminating it. If it goes on piling up then eventually you will have to end it harshly.

Long-term relationships are very difficult to handle at times. Your partner can lose interest on this relationship as time goes on. Not that he/she didn’t love you then.But problems suppress the love deep inside. He may get attracted to someone else. When two persons are together for a long time, they have nothing to talk at times. They have already known about each other. They lose the charm eventually. It fades away.

In a new relationship, you need to handle it with care. And you need to give it some time. Too much hurrying into it can make you regret later. There is no rush. If he/she loves you he will wait for it.


You have to speak to your partner in order to solve the problem. Avoiding the situation and not speaking to him/her about it will spoil it even more. You need to tell him what is bothering you. He has to understand and you too have to compromise to some extent if you people want it to go forever. Denying when it is asked and not confronting will bulk up emotions and then you may feel low. This will only worsen up your relationship.

Don’t be afraid that your partner will leave you if you tell him/her and the relationship will come to end. When you pile up all your problems, he/she may already leave you and be with someone else. You need to tell him/her why are you people falling apart. Don’t keep him in a dark or yourself in pain. Both of you need to give some effort to make it blissful. Don’t get stuck at a point and feel it will hurt more if you face it. It can, maybe, but it will end. Piling up will hurt you always.

Sometimes it just can’t be anymore

Infidelity can have no explanations. If your partner is not loyal towards you and cheats you, you need to break up. He/she can take advantage of your vulnerability and take you for granted. If he/she leaves you and again comes back and again cheats you, you have to be strong enough to let him go. Ignorance, not giving time symptoms that he/she is going away. One-sided love and effort can’t make a relationship grow. If your partner keeps doing it, be sure, he/she wants to be with someone else and once he/she gets a green signal there, he/she will happily leave you. Not all things are meant to be forever. At times, it will be wise to be happy alone and have the faith that you did the correct thing.

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Start it fresh

Not always clinging to things which can’t be yours is a good habit. At times, you need to rip your veins and just let it fly away. If dealing with the complications is hurting you way too much, then you better let that go. It isn’t easy. But letting your partner go for the welfare for both is also love. If it is hurting both of you, then you need to take the upper hand.

Take a chance to solve it. If it gets solved, good enough. Else, walk out. While heartbreaks heal with time, unsolved complications just increase with time. So try to be strong. Cry your heart out if you are feeling the pain in your heart, but don’t try clinging to a complicated relationship if it is not working for both of you. You never know, someday, somewhere you will get your soul mate for whom you will be the World, who will value your every drop of tear. So be strong and accept the reality. (Read about: How to forget your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and move on)