You can make animated gifs very easily and quickly through gifninja. Animated gifs can be created either from uploading a video or individual images. Animated gifs can also be split up into various images through gifninja.

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How to Convert a Video into Animated Gif

Make a short video for converting it into an animated gif. There are a lot of video editing tools available online for this process. You can also use Windows Movie Maker, in case you are using Windows. Your video must have a length of 4 seconds. Therefore, you must shorten it to that length.

Once the movie is edited and you have brought it down to an adequate size, click on Click on ‘Browse’ and search for your video file. Select it. Your picture can also be made available to public if you want. You can also make it available for rating. After this is done, click on ‘Make my gif!’.

How to Create Animated Gifs From the Images

In case you want to animate a number of images, animated gifs must be created from the images. The files can be uploaded individually. You can upload up to 5 files. These can also be zipped up and uploaded in one file. If you are uploading the files in zip, the filenames need to be numbered in the animation sequence, for example, bike1.jpg, bike2.jpg and bike3.jpg.

Uploading the files is similar to uploading a video. There is another option that can set the animation speed. An animated dog is shown in the preview and you can see the speed that has been selected. But in case the animation speed is not set as per your requirements after it has been uploaded, you can always adjust it on your own later.

Click on ‘make my gif!’. The preview page will be displayed. The page will keep the actual image and the speed can be adjusted again. Once it is done, you can start it again. After the desired animation speed is set, click on ‘Looks Good Build it’ and proceed further.

Once the animation speed is selected, you can choose a filename for the animated gif. The image can be made publicly available in case you want so. A filename can be entered for the images along with the tags that can help the users find the image. When everything is configured, click on ‘Save gif’.

Another unique feature of gifninja is that the animated images can be split into various images. The file has to be uploaded. You simply need to click on ‘split my gif!’. You will see the images on the right hand side of the page. The images can be downloaded by the zip file through gifninja.

It is very easy to make online animated gifs by using gifninja. Have you ever used gifninja? Do you know of any other online & offline tools that can be used to make animated gifs?