Have you started a YouTube channel or are you thinking to start one? Well! If you have made your mind up for starting a YouTube channel, then the first thing that should strike your mind is the Channel Name. Now that you have started a YouTube channel, you need to choose a fun and catchy channel name. Like any other individual, the name is the factor that matters the most in the case of identification; YouTube is also known for great channel names. A great name for your YouTube Channel will create the very first impression on your viewers, and you definitely don’t want to make any mistake there. Remember that people are going to find you or learn about your channel via your username first. A channel name defines how successful your channel’s brand will be. So it is your duty to know How to choose a great name for your YouTube channel?


Here are some effective ways to choose a catchy name for your YouTube Channel:

#1. Choose a Creative Name:

The first and the foremost thing that you should do is to take a pen and paper and write down a list of all your personal traits that represent you. This is because a YouTube Channel defines you and it is all about marketing yourself and acknowledging it. Remember that your channel name should represent your Brand name as well as it plays a vital role in letting people know what you are associated with. The name you will choose should be memorable, fun, concise, sporty as well as unique (Some Youtubers even use their own name).

Try to play with words. You can use synonyms or rhyming will be a great idea. But don’t make it too complicated to understand. One word name is another idea that you can go for. Choose a one word username name that is related to your channel content. Thesuarus is a great place to find unique one word names with their appropriate meanings.

#2. Make Sure About the Name Popularity:

The second most important part while choosing a channel name is to consider about the motive behind the channel. The purpose behind your channel should be clear to you so as to make it your viewers as well. For say, if you are going to have a Cooking channel, you can name it as “Baking with Betty”. It will give you potential viewers as it will be easy for them to understand what the channel is about.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to target your audiences in the channel name. Try to choose a name that attracts your audience’s interest such as if you want to target audiences having interest in astronomy, choose names that includes the words like ‘Galaxy’, ‘Universe’ etc.

#3. Choose an Easy to Remember Name:

Do you want to your viewers to talk regarding your channel or do you want it to hit in the first place when they search your channel name? If yes, then choose a channel name that is easy to remember and pronounce as well, then it will become easy for your viewers to find your channel. So go as simple as possible. It has been often seen that people tends to forget complicated names, so as to keep your place in the top, you need to keep an easy to go name that suits your channel purpose as well.

#4. Select an Unique Name:

Now the most important thing that you should remember is to choose a name for your channel that is unique. By unique here it means, a name that has been not used by any other blogger as it will affect your channel’s ranking. Also it will create a confusion in between the viewers.

It is obviously a good thing to create something on our own in order to describe the flavour of your channel. Unique name matters a lot if you are looking forward to raise your brand name. Choosing unique names doesn’t mean choosing anything randomly. You should choose a name the represents your channel content.

#5. Select a Social-Media Free Name:

Do you want to rank your social media page related to your YouTube channel? Then you need to get a username that is social media free. A name that is not used by anyone as their page name. It will help you in ranking your channel page easily across all social media platforms.

The solution to everything is to become a little creative and you need to play with words to get your desired channel name.

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#6. Select a Visualising Channel Name:

Have you felt it difficult to remember someone’s name? Well! Then you must have heard about this common tips from everyone that is to remember his/her name by visualising any memorable representation that is related to the person.
So why not applying this same logic in case of your YouTube channel name as well. Yes! The more visual your channel name will be, the more it will be remembered by the viewers.

#7. Avoid Doing Common Mistakes:

If you want to have a great username for your YouTube channel, then the first and foremost thing that you should consider is to avoid doing common mistakes. Remember, not to use any kind of vulgar jokes or profanity. Yes! You may have the freedom of speech on YouTube but that doesn’t mean you will use profanity in your channel name as this will surely limit your fanbase. Be tasteful and keep your username according to that.

Another thing to keep in mind is not using any broad or cliched names while choosing your YouTube channel name. Broad names such as “Movie Facts”, “Ways To” or “Writing Tips” etc.

Next thing to consider is to avoid usage of symbols and numbers in your channel name as it may not show up in the rank list or the user may find it difficult as well.

#8. Choose a Domain Free Name:

Do you want to make your YouTube channel a big brand name one day? If yes, then you need to choose a name that is domain free. By that we mean, a name that is not used by any other as their blog domain name.

This will help you to make it easier to search your channel name. Another thing is that if you ever want to create a blog related to your YouTube channel, then you can buy the domain related to your YouTube username.

#9. Flexibility is a Good Thing:

Are you still confused about the motive or purpose behind your YouTube channel? Well! In that case, flexibility is a good thing. By flexibility we mean, choose an username that generalise everything and doesn’t focus on a particular topic. It will suit your channel if you want to make a YouTube channel that will contain all kind of topic ranging from general to fashion, tech etc. If you pick a name for say “Baking with Betty”, and upload videos on makeup tutorials, then people will get confused and won’t come back to see your videos again.

#10. Stay Away from Computer:

Now last but not the least, if you really want to find out a great name for your YouTube channel, then you must stay away from the computer until you get one. Why? Well! It is because, if you surf through internet in order to find out the channel name, then hundreds of thoughts will come into your mind and you will not be able to get your desired name. Switch off your laptop or your computer screen and sit alone with a pen and paper. Write down all the names that comes in your mind. Before that don’t forget to read this article to get a better idea on how to pick a good name for YouTube channel?

Try as much time as possible to select the perfect name for your YouTube channel. Remember not to rush for any kind of name. If you are still confused, you can try it for few days just to ensure. In case, you are still confused and not getting any name, you can use the username generator to generate your suitable YouTube Channel Name.