People have their own way to describe the most significant and religious festival – Diwali. Some call it as a festival of shimmering light and some regard it as a bunch of multiple festival. Deepawali, Diwali or lighting, no matter what you call it, your eyes are going to equally sparkle. This is a Hindu festival and they rejoice it with great mirth. The term”Deepawali” is formed with two words, ” Deep” and “Awali” which means light in a row. This is among those unique festival ‘s which is celebrated for five days and each day have their own ways to celebrate and story to dictate. The only common thing that all these five days have is that you will find luminance and bright light all around. The whole environment is packed with joy. No one stays apart from this frolic mood.


Dhanteras calls for the beginning of Diwali. Yes! This is the first festive day of this festival and last one is Bhai Dooj. October or November is the time when this festival occurs. The best part of this festival is the preparation which everyone does before its commencement. Shopping, cleaning, decorating and many such attractive terms are associate with the preparation of this festival. You could find decoration items of Diwali in the entire market. Modern as well as traditional Diyas are available all around. Traditional Diwali gifts are available through out in the market.

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Importance of Diwali

Much about the ways and preparation are discussed but the reason behind the celebration of this auspicious festival is still not revealed. As the legend goes, Lord Rama had returned home after defeating the epical Ravana and winning his wife, Sita back. People welcomed their lovable king, Rama by lighting diyas in a row and bursting the Luminance fire crackers. This is one of the reason why many calls this festival as a festival where darkness won over light. God or light is known to rule the evil or darkness through this festival.

Diwali Celebrations and Festivities

Class, standard or any such differences hardly matter when people celebrate this festival. The frolic and fun is equally same in all clans. Hindus are busy in enjoying every day in the traditional manner. Every day is followed by extreme fun and enjoyment.


Along with light, many are there who term it as a festival of lavish feast. Every house declares their victory in preparing the best dishes through the mouth watering smell which every house emits. Sweets are exchanged among family , neighbour and friends. Sometimes official invitation for lunch or dinner is also given to loved ones. Certain communities do this feast in a grand manner and use this festival as a platform of get together of family and friends.


Firecrackers which are the biggest attraction of this festival have it’s own reason . You may resemble the noise created on this day with the noise created by firecrackers bursted on New Year. They are bursted for multiple reasons – firstly the arrival of a luminous world from darkness, secondly it is said that the noise which these crackers produce helps in chasing all evil spirits and  thirdly people says some mosquitoes that are born during rainy season gets killed completely through them. There are certain drawbacks as well. The chemical content of the firecrackers can prove too harmful for everyone ‘s health. Always remember to use only those firecrackers which are safe. Ensure that an adult is present whenever children burst firecrackers.

Exchanging messages of Diwali

Diwali remarks lord Rama’s victory. People were too happy to learn about his arrival and had distributed sweets to celebrate this news. Till today people exchange Diwali sweets among their loved ones with Diwali messages. Diwali cards, e- cards and other technological measures are used by people to deliver Diwali messages to those who stay far.

Home decoration

People started cleaning and decorate their house before the arrival of Diwali. Every one ensures that their house should look best. Though there is a selfish reason behind it as it is believed that Maa Lakshmi visit those houses which are clean and nicely decorated. Flowers, electrical lanterns, traditional wall hangings, new embellishments etc are used to give a new look to the house.


Colorful Rangoli

Colours are also a part of this festival as almost every household design their unique rangoli in their own way at the entrance of their houses. For those who are unaware of the meaning of Rangoli, it is coloured powder artwork done in various patterns. Sometimes these powder are substituted with flowers too. In some parts of India it is also known as Kolam/ muggu. It is used as welcoming gesture for various Hindu deities by people.


Best time for craft lovers too!

Creative people often looks for the places where their can show the ultimate of their creativity and Diwali is termed as best part for all of them. This is the time when you have holiday and you are left with enough time to use your innovation especially when it comes to decorate diya’s. You can also give innovative gifts the your loved ones too. Kids and women both loves it and if wisely employed it acts eco friendly too. Recycled materials or papers could be used for decoration.

Evil of this festival

Among many games and tradition that are enjoyed on this day, one is gambling. Rummy is the common game that is played on this day. Till the time it is for fun it serves no dysfunction but sometimes this gambling takes inverse turns. If possible it should be avoided to enjoy this festival to it’s extreme.

Sweets makes any festival sweeter and the sweetest part of this festival . Sweet turns this lighting festival complete. Dishes are prepared at home as well as bought from the market. They are distributed among official people, relatives, friends etc.

This time remember to have safe and lighting Diwali rather then the noisy one!