Do you know that more than 90% of guys feel shy around girls? But yes, that doesn’t mean you are a guy who would be left lonely for a lifetime. Shyness does create hesitancy for people to engage themselves socially with people because they have a fear of embarrassment. If you want to overcome your shyness around the girls, then all you have to put your energy and focus on the girl while having a conversation. If you are able to control your feelings of shyness, then it will help you in building up your confidence and can enjoy your life like a party.

So, if you are here then it means that all those years of your life you always felt shy around girls, but now, you really want to overcome it. If you are a guy who is shy by nature or feels socially awkward, then you really need not fret anymore. Because today we are here with few tips on how to be confident around girls if you’re shy. It is a normal situation when you feel shy around the girls because for every guy who is attracted towards a girl feel nervous and anxious, but, many guys try to take a deep breath and get through the situation for making them comfortable over time.


But if you are a guy who can make himself feel comfortable, then this article is not for you. This article is for those guys who feel shy, breaks out in cold sweat and feel nervous, anxious around the girls. And not just for the guys, if you are the girl who feel nervous and shy around boys, then you can even follow these tips to overcome your fear. So, let’s start off with the first step to being confident around girls if you’re shy.

Overcome the Inferiority
From my past experiences, I felt that the major cause of shyness among people is because they feel inferior. If you are the one who would feel that you have a less value than the other person, then obviously you would feel nervous and shy being around the girls. For instance, if you are around an unattractive girl, then would you feel shy? In most of the cases, you will not feel shy. Though there would be little anxiety feeling, but not similar to the one which you feel around the girl to whom you are attracted to.

When you are around the girl to whom you are attracted to, you feel shyer than the usual. There is nothing wrong in that because it is a normal thing. But, if you really want to overcome this shyness, then you just have to stop judging people on their looks. Don’t just get restrained by the beauty of the girls or personality of the boys, because they are too normal human beings like you.

It is a more common problem with the boys because they get attracted towards the beauty of a girl based on their looks, even before they had a conversation with each other. If you really want to overcome your shyness around the person from opposite sex, then you have to change your attitude and ask yourself few questions, like,

  • What else can she offer you?
  • Will she be able to give you something more than her looks?

You can find numerous hot chicks around you, but it is really difficult to find a person with whom you can click and have fun together.

Avoid attraction towards One Girl (Hot Chick)
It is one of the most common problems between most of the guys because they get attracted to just one chick who shows little interest in them and eventually, the guys start thinking about them all day long. These are those guys who feel shy around other people and are socially awkward and don’t get much attention from other people, especially from the girls. However, when one girl shows a little interest in them, then they start thinking that it is the girl who is much interested in me and then thinks about them for the whole day.

And here it becomes a major problem because thinking about just one chick constantly makes your mind think that she is just the perfect one and when it is about having a conversation with her, your mind freezes. In simple words, it means that you have made yourself emotionally attached to her before you even met her.

Be Assertive
No matter whether you a shy guy, you are the one who have to make the first move. Most of the times girls won’t make their first move and it has been the case since the ancient times. If a girl is a hot and attractive chick, then more chances are that she would be wooed by maximum guys and there would be more guys like you who would be interested in her. So, if you would not make a move, then someone else will. Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to be assertive, especially when it is about yourself and whenever you get a chance, make the move.

If you get the rejection from the girl you like, then just treat the rejection as your experience and feel confident for the next time. If you are shy around the girls, then you really don’t need to feel ashamed of yourself. Just accept it and learn to face it. I am sure that in no time, you will be able to overcome it. Just follow these tips and become a kind of a person that everyone would like to have a conversation with.

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Tips to succeed your shyness around girls

Accept your shyness and be comfortable
Don’t just lie about your shyness and being shy sometimes is a normal thing. Just avoid beating yourself up with the shyness. Just accept your shyness before you overcome it. Just compare yourself with the progress along the line, not by comparing yourself to other people.

Notice and change your thinking to positive
Whenever people feel shy, they often think of negative about themselves. It is a common thing when insecurities crop up and we start comparing ourselves with other people. Just understand and accept the fact that everyone has something unpleasant about him or her.

Identify what triggers you
Before you overcome your shyness, it is important to discover what actually triggers you. You just have to be specific about what makes you feel shy when you are around the girls.

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After the deep research, the information with which I came up here in front of you all changed me a lot and it helped me to overcome my shyness among the people of opposite sex. Now, I don’t feel shy among the girls around. This information is not just for the boys out there, but even applies to the girls as well. Just be confident and believe in yourself before you do anything.