So, finally you had a great conversation with a girl and it’s time to leave. But you want to have her number, yet don’t know how to ask for a girl’s phone number. So, you landed here. Guys, though we are not the experts for giving you the relationship advises, yet we can assure you people that the things we share on MakingDifferent are one of the best things which we come up after a lot of research.

Anyways, coming back to the question, how to ask for a girl’s phone number is one of the most daunting tasks before entering into a relationship, especially when you met a girl or had a chat with her for the first time. It is really an awkward situation for the girl when you ask her phone number. And it is even really difficult to predict about her reaction as well as your fear of rejection which is why you want to avoid the situation. However, you liked her and just want to be in contact with her, so asking her number is important.

So, you had a conversation with her or whether you are chatting with her from past few days. If the things are going well, then it is the right time to seal the deal. Did this ever happen to you when you totally blow it while asking a girl for her phone number? If yes, then it means that you are in a good company. While asking a girl for her phone number, every guy fumbles. Keep reading further to know how to ask for a girl’s phone number.


How to ask for a Girl’s Phone Number:

Wait for the right and high point
Most people make a mistake and things super awkward by waiting when the energy already gets petered out. You just need to strike off well when the iron is hot and ask the girl for her phone number when you think she is having a great time with you. You just have plenty of time for socializing yourself with her after asking for her phone number. And do remember that asking for her number is not a parting gesture.

Get your phone ready
While asking a girl for her phone number, just make sure to make it easy for her to give it. Try to remove all the reasons for her to say NO. Just before asking her phone number, just be ready with your phone so that when she give it you, you just need to type in her number on the contacts page.

Don’t ask her number, but Tell
Avoid asking her phone number, but tell her that you need her number so that you can contact her anytime from anywhere. Be a confident man and have a great time together. She would probably give you her number if she is interested in seeing you again.

Break her personal bubble
While asking her phone number, just hand over your phone to her and tell her to give her number. It just simple breaks her personal bubble and the chances of getting her number increases.

Have the date ideas ready
After giving her your phone to take her number, just start talking about the things which you both can do together. Try talking about your mutual interests and show her that you really want to have fun with her.

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Some guys do think that while asking a girl’s phone number will show them as desperate people in winning her trust. And this situation happens in the life of most people. Most of the guys do not interact with girls because they don’t dare to and even they are afraid of the refusal and think what if she will misunderstand them.

It is really important to prepare yourself for an NO and there could be many reasons for that. Though her NO could be a worse thing, yet it gives you confidence. Yes, rejection is difficult, but the whole situation will seem to be less scary after it. It is really important to keep your psych about asking her phone number because your confidence is the major trait which will help you in being comfortable while having a conversation with her.

It is really important to keep everything perspective and doesn’t think that the outcome will be the rejection, but yes, just prepare yourself for that. Asking a girl her phone number will make you feel more confident and understand that if she shares her phone number with you doesn’t mean she is accepting you more than a friend. While having a conversation with the girl, you can come up with the topics of her interests and make her feel comfortable.

Just don’t wait for the parting gesture and ask her number at the right moment while having a conversation with her.

Please Note: Getting a girl’s phone number is not a big deal. So, avoid celebrating the moment. LOL!