You might have started blogging initially just as a hobby, a part time job, or any other reason. Whatever it is, everyone out there likes to earn a few extra bucks from their online content. There are multiple ways to earn from your blog, and featuring ads is one of them. There are many ad offering companies online, Google Adsense being among the top choices of bloggers. Using Adsense might be a difficult at times, and so we give you an additional option Buy Sell Ads (BSA).  Just like Google Adsense, BSA also offers an acceptable CPC for your ads.

While applying for the BSA ads, be sure that you fill in correct information whenever you are asked to do so, or else, your account may never get approved.

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Steps to apply for BuySellAds Publisher Account:

Set Up your free account at Buy Sell Ads: You need to go to Buysellads official site ( and register for a free account. You’ll have to provide details like your email address, password, first name, last name, etc. Fill in the details, accept the terms, and click on “Create an account”.

Sign UPApply for publisher account: After completing the registration, browse to and select “Get Started” then proceed to next step.

Get Started
Next step, is that you need fill up the form to applying for BSA.

Fill Up the form
Website Title: You need to provide your website title in the provided textbox. You are provided 27 words for the purpose. It is recommended to omit the space in between the letters to use the space optimally, for example, write “TechBlog” in place of “Tech Blog”.

Website URL: In this box, you need to provide the address of your website. It has been clearly mentioned that you do not need to put any http:// or https:// before your URL.

Description: This is really an important part now, ad plays a vital role in getting your blog approved for ads. You need to describe your blog in a perfect manner using brilliant and most suitable words. Make it small, and appealing. You have to be restricted in between 60 to 80 words here.

Selecting the Channel: You need to carefully select your channel from the provided drop down list. If you have a tech blog, be sure to select Tech instead of sports. If you’ve chosen Sports, the BSA people when reviewing you site would know that there’s something wrong, and they will simply reject your application without any more thinking.

Language: Choose the language you website is based on from the provided drop down menu. It has been observed that English websites are more prone to be approved by advertisers.

Average Monthly Impressions: You need to give a rough idea on how many impressions your website get monthly on an average. Be sure to provide your best estimate here. Giving false details to impress the moderators, would present a fake personality.

Work Completed: After filling in all the above information, you have finished your job. All you need to do now is simply click on the “Submit” button, and wait for your results. You will receive a mail in your inbox in a few moments once your request gets approved by the moderators. If the result comes out to be negative, just put in a bit more efforts on your blog, wait for some time, and reapply.