Have you hurt your girlfriend and now you are repenting your mistake? Are you wondering that your relationship with her is permanently damaged now? If yes, then you might be feeling a strong regret and want your girlfriend to know that how much you value the relationship between you two. She will pardon you only if your apology is sincere. Apologizing doesn’t mean that you are weak, but it does mean that you are amending your faults.


If you think that apologizing to your girlfriend is a difficult job, then I would say, YES, because girls do show their tantrums at-times. And it is tougher when your girlfriend is angry. What we call in our daily-use language, ‘FALTU KI FOOTAGE KHA RAHI HAI’. No matter whether you had a full-blown fight with her or just a misunderstanding between you two, it is extremely important some signs of regret and know your girlfriend that you are sincerely sorry. Ah! Let’s be back on how to apologize to a girlfriend.


For demonstrating your sincere apology to your girlfriend, just Take the Blame on yourself. Avoid blaming your girlfriend for being too messy or too emotional or for anything. It is because you are apologizing to your girlfriend for your rude behaviour and not for her feelings. While saying SORRY to your girlfriend, it is important to make this important distinction.


You just need to Show Your Awareness that you actually understand the situation well. Just consider that how your behaviour affected your relationship and her feelings. If your apology would seem to be sincere to her, then she would wonder that you truly value the relationship and her presence in your life and if not, then she would doubt your commitment. Just let your girlfriend know that you understand her pain and you sincerely regret it.


Just acknowledge your girlfriend’s feelings and thoughts as valid even though you don’t agree. While apologizing to your girlfriend, just show her that you respect as well as understand her and Spell it out clearly. You just have to be specific because you both know the reason. So, you can start your conversation with ‘I do understand how you are feeling because of my behaviour’ and you just have to address all the possible concerns of your girlfriend in your apology.


You need not to give a long-debated apology to your girlfriend. So, make it short and to the point. Just saying ‘I am sorry‘ can do a trick or you can insert your reason too. Spitting those words out are sometimes little hard, but you have to be quick and concise. If you are making an apology, then you have to ensure that you mean it. Cut it short and sweet so that you don’t emerge with excuses.


If you think that your apology will make everything better in your relationship, then you are wrong because you have to Hear Her Out too. Hearing the perspective of your girlfriend effectively demonstrates the regret in an easy way out. It is important to listen to your girlfriend’s sentiments for improving your relationship. It is might be possible that she has something important to say to you and listening to her carefully with patience will show her value in your life.


It might be the case that you are not able to take back your words or your mistake which you did, but just Make It Up to Her. I mean that just give her a surprise gift or take her on a special date and say sorry. You are the one who actually knows how to make her happy, so just do it in your own way to make her smile. It will just show that you both together can walk hand-in-hand together in all the challenges of your life and can overcome them. Also, it will show your girlfriend that mistakes from each one of you will never end your devotion and love for each other.

If you are here, then that doesn’t mean that it’s your fault only, it can be your girlfriend’s fault too. But girls do love all the pampering and do their tantrums. So, there is nothing wrong in apologizing as it just puts the situation in a right place and doesn’t even put the guy in a state of grovelling slave. Apologizing simply save the relationship and we should when we have to and at the right time in a sincere manner. Sticking yourself with the above mentioned points will help you in doing good to both of yourself.

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If you do follow any of the above, then you would probably end up saving your relationship with your girlfriend. Make it quick, but a sincere apology at the right time and without excuses.