A lot of times we, people often run into a situation where we could not able to understand a movie without the subtitles either because of another language or due to the accent of the actors. So, subtitles basically help us in getting the story of the movie easily and we get to know what actually is going on. And, if the movie genre is a thriller one, then it is must to have the subtitles because without them we might miss the different twists and turns.

The subtitles are easy to use on a desktop with a full fledge movie playing software. But what to do when we need to watch movies on our smartphones? The best choice is the MX Player. Though we won’t be getting the same number of features as that in the desktop movie playing software, yet it is very close to it. Do you know that adding subtitles to a movie while watching is easy with MX Player? Yes. Now, people can easily add the subtitles to a movie with MX Player.

Moreover, just adding subtitles to a video is not enough; the subtitles have to be in the perfect synchronization with the movie scenes. Even this particular thing is being taken care of by MX Player. So, here we are today with a tutorial on how to add subtitle to MX Player for reading while watching.


How to add Subtitles?

It is easy to add subtitles using MX player and you can even synchronize them very well with the software so that the subtitles appears exactly at the right moment at the right scene. It is a way of enhancing one’s experience of watching a movie or video on mobile. We have two ways to add the subtitles. It is up to you to choose the one which suits the best.

If you already have the Subtitles file

If you have already downloaded the subtitles file either on your computer or on your mobile then follow this method. If the file is on your computer then transfer it to your mobile. You can use a USB cable, memory card, SHARE it, or save it in your mail to download it on your mobile. Once the file is in your mobile then move the file to the exact folder where the original video is saved. After that you should change the name of the subtitles file to same as your video file (leaving the extension as it is). It is not a mandatory step to follow, but it is an easy way to find the file. Because when the both the files have the same name, then it will be easy to add the subtitles file to the video. Now follow the steps carefully.

  • Play the original video
  • Tap on the settings icon (three dots)
  • Now tap on Subtitles option
  • Now select the option for Import Subtitles
  • Now select the correct file which has got subtitles

All done and now, you can enjoy watching movies or videos with subtitles. If you have the same name of the subtitles file as that of the video file, then it will help in the final step. It is one of the easiest ways to add subtitles to any video in a mobile. MX Player supports almost every subtitle file format so adding subtitle file through MX Player is always preferable and easy.

And now, we have another method which you can follow if you don’t have the subtitles file downloaded with you.

Download Subtitles Directly

It is a nice feature which MX player provides its users to download subtitles online rather than importing them. Sometimes it saves a lot of time, but you need to find the correct file while searching online. So, follow the steps below to find correct subtitles file for your video.

  • Play the original video in MX player
  • Tap on the settings option (three dots)
  • Tap on Subtitles settings
  • Now select Get Subtitles Online
  • Search the file you need from online available files
  • Download the file and enjoy

It is an easy method than the previous one, but for this method, you need to have a good internet connection. Once you click on Get Subtitles Online, you’ll be shown many files as per on search keyword. Choose the file which is perfect for your video or changes the keyword with which you are searching and download the file.

Believe us that MX Player makes it way easier to add subtitles to your video than you might think.

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Synchronize Subtitles

MX Player provides a lot of controls over the subtitles which you want to add to a particular video. Many times it happens that the file we downloaded for subtitles proves to be an exact match for the video. But sometimes the file we downloaded doesn’t match perfectly to the video and in that case, the subtitles come either before or after dialogue delivery. To fix this issue we have options in MX Player through which we can synchronize subtitles and even increase or decrease the speed accordingly.

All we need to do is to find the perfect match where the subtitles and the video are playing parallel. If it’s difficult for you to find the perfect balance for video and subtitles, then we would recommend you to try to hit and try for the perfect spot.

Not just this, we can also edit the text of the subtitles. We can change the size, color, font and even scale of the fonts. This way you can make these subtitles perfectly suit your mobile’s screen size. These features may not be enough to match a full fledge desktop software for editing subtitles, but these are more than enough for a smartphone.

Lastly, we would say that MX Player is one of the best mobile video players to watch movies and videos. You won’t regret using MX Player because it gives an amazing experience of watching movies and makes it enjoyable. The features provided by MX Player makes it more attractive and simple to use. So, if you have a problem in understanding different languages or accents in the movies or videos, then MX Player is the solution to fix the problem.