In today’s post, i will show you how to add stylish background effect in YouTube videos which you use for embedding into your blogger post. sometime we try to explain something by writing on our blog post. but problem is that some readers (especially newbie) doesn’t understand or they not agreed with it so that type of situation we need to explain with a video tutorial that can they easily understand that what you mean. Generally, every bloggers uses YouTube for uploading and embedding videos to their blog. and here is an another CSS style which will help you to make your embedded videos more professional and attractive.

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Preview :-

How to embed YouTube videos with 3D style background effect?

Firstly, go to and search or choose video from your channel which you want to embed on your blog post. now, look at address bar and copy the full URL of your chooses video (for more detail check the screenshot below) URL Now, paste Copied URL into input box below, and click on Generate code button and copy the code from textarea box.
Now, go to blogger post editor and switch to HTML mode and paste the code into it.
and finally click on “Publish” button. ;)


Enjoy ! :)