Whatsapp messenger is no doubt the most used and loved social media platform for chatting and for video calling. Right after the launch of WhatsApp, it took the market by storm. Since then, lot of updates in a specified period of intervals have made it the perfect chatting messenger and a platform to make video calls. Before WhatsApp, Facebook did the job but right after WhatsApp’s launch, Facebook’s existence became difficult. Hence, Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp messenger a few years later so that Facebook keeps on growing even more.

Back in the time when we needed to install a separate application for the purpose of video calling, it was clearly a bit of a mess. With WhatsApp, video calling could be done on the same platform where we can chat and make WhatsApp calls as well. Many other applications tried to copy WhatsApp but, none could even the touch WhatsApp at the height it is in the present time.

With the technological advancement, people wanted to use WhatsApp on their PCs as well and thus, WhatsApp made it available on PCs with the introduction of WhatsApp web. But, the only thing that WhatsApp did not make available was the calling feature and the video calling feature. In this era when we spend more of your our lives in front of a laptop than our loved ones, we need WhatsApp to bring our loved ones closer to us even when we are working on our laptops.

Keeping that in mind, we have for you the detailed step by step procedure to activate video calling on your PC.

Enabling Whatsapp Video Call on PC


1. Do you have a webcam or an inbuilt camera?

To activate WhatsApp video calling feature on your personal computer you need to have a webcam, which usually is a basic feature in laptops but if you own a desktop you need to attach a webcam to your desktop using applications and all the necessary hardware. Once you are done with the camera, you are good to go for the other steps.

2. Bluestack at your service

Bluestack is an android emulator. An Android emulator is something that lets you use and test Android applications on your personal computers. There are a number of android emulators in the market but Bluestack is the most preferred and used one of them. Bluestack is compatible with window 7, 8 and 10 and also Mac OS. you can easily download bluestack free of cost.

After you are done downloading the bluestack application, open it on your PC. the download might take around 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your internet speed.

3. A smartphone in your personal computer!

After opening this application on your PC, you will be surprised to see all the applications on the home screen, same as you see the applications on your mobile phone. The Android emulators enable you to use all the applications that you use on your mobile phones on personal computers.

4. Open the application store

After opening the application on your PC, you would want to find the application store icon and search for WhatsApp application in there. For your information, android stores are more like supermarkets for applications where you can find applications for all your needs. You can get applications for free and a few of them are available once paid for.

After installing WhatsApp application on your PC from bluestack, you need to set it up.

5. Login to the applications store for proper usage

To use the bluestack application properly on your personal computer, you need to login to your google account. Google, here, is the master of the masters. Applications need all the required programming and all to run but google is something that makes you actually connect to the application.

We have already talked about downloading the WhatsApp application from the application store using Bluestack. Let’s move on!

6. Whatsapp setup!

You probably know all about setting up a WhatsApp account. Nevertheless, let’s talk a bit about it. Setting up the WhatsApp account on your personal computer is similar to doing that on your smartphone. You need to add your mobile number and after you will receive an OTP which is a one time password for your safety. After receiving the OTP on your number in a text message, you need to put the correct OTP in the box and you will get access to your WhatsApp account.

7. You are ready now

After you get into the WhatsApp account, you can use all the features on the computer provided to you by WhatsApp that you can use on your mobile phone. For this, you can see the video camera icon on the upper right corner of the WhatsApp homepage. It’s time to get in touch with all your long lost contacts and your loved ones while working on your laptop.

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WhatsApp is a unique application that brings people closer to each other in the busy lives. In the race to be on the top, we usually don’t get enough time to meet our dear ones personally, here is where WhatsApp and social media steps in. Various features like, chatting, video calling, and WhatsApp calling make you feel a lot closer to the dear ones. The person might be a kilometre away or maybe overseas, WhatsApp allows you to make a video call or simple call to them, free of cost.

Whatsapp is an application that can be found in every person’s mobile phone given the condition that the phone is a smartphone. It has become a necessity more than a want. You can get in touch with people and also find a job or even get to know about the daily happenings in your country. Whatsapp thus is a need of the hour!