Technological advancements have certainly made an impact on everyone. The world has evolved into a global village over the past few decades, and being on the other side of the world is no longer an issue. You can communicate with others and receive mass information with a tap on the screen or a click of the mouse. This is all thanks to computer technology, especially the internet, which is a big part of information technology.


Chat Apps and Social Media

Chat applications and social media networking sites have presented users with several advantages. They are able to connect with friends and family all over the globe, which is main goal of any social networking application. They are designed to be user friendly.

With technological developments and new changes being rolled out seemingly every day by master of information graduates, online users do not have to face the challenges and issues they once did, due to glitches in the technology. This resulted in user frustration and tech giants responded.

Users no longer have to browse through tons of threads and posts to find a certain conversation. Systems have become streamlined due to the hard work that occurs behind the scenes by online master of information degree professionals.
All of the rapid and constant change in this technology has created many paths of opportunity for both developers and users. With more applications in the market, users can choose to be pickier about the type of technology they use, and developers are making strides by creating portals that are newer, more efficient, better and simple to use.


In the beginning, ecommerce existed only as a way to help facilitate financial and commercial transactions. However, it has significantly changed over time. This change within ecommerce began almost 30 years ago.

As online and telephone banking services and automated teller machines (ATMs) became more popular, a new dimension has been added to the ecommerce sector. There are still many aspects of commerce and other similar issues that continue to grow as users’ needs continue to grow, but information technology is paving the way to provide a secure and efficient platform for them.

Electronic Payments

If one could speculate what the driving force is for online transactions, they would probably guess electronic payments. The large electronic payment systems controlling the current atmosphere of online transactions are electronic payment gateways and credit card processing systems.

Electronic payment gateways are companies that help to facilitate online financial transactions by authorizing and authenticating banking and credit card information. Depending on information entered by the end user, the company can authorize or decline payment through the gateway. They form the invisible online connection between an ecommerce website and a credit card company. This helps to reduce lag time and hassles of long banking queues, while at the same time offering plenty of purchase options.

Information technology has helped to create the global village we all have become a part of. Online MLIS degree graduates and other pioneers are at the forefront of this evolving technology.