How has technology changed over the last five years
Technology has come a long way over recent years. It’s an area that is always adapting and pushing itself and even in the last five years there have been plenty of changes and improvements.

Whether it’s the rise of the smartphone or the development of computer tablets, technology is always moving forward. It can actually be surprising how far things can come in a short space of time and here we look at some of the changes which have occurred over the past five years.

Smart devices

Some of the most popular devices available right now are smart devices. This is best seen in the smartphone, where traditional mobile phones are transformed into high-powered, mini computers. The best example of the smartphone has to be the Apple iPhone; the device which arguably kicked off the smart trend. This first appeared in 2007 and after five years has spawned six generations of handsets – all of which have boasted high sales figures.

Even smart TVs are a common occurrence on today’s technology scene; everything has to be interactive, connected and compatible with the apps market. Our devices are fully customisable and we configure them just the way we want.

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Older models

As can clearly be seen, new technology is released at a surprisingly fast rate. The iPhone has been through six iterations in five years and this is just one example of how quickly things can change or be replaced by newer models. This has resulted in a large back-log of used and unwanted gadgets.

As each new smart device comes out, the previous generation is often discarded. In a world very much aware of environmental damage, technology has had to adapt to encourage better, more efficient ways of disposing of old models.

This is best seen through the use of mobile phone recycling, which does exactly as it implies. By taking in unwanted phones, these gadgets are given new life where they would otherwise be left and forgotten about. With cash given in exchange for these goods, it’s becoming a very rewarding and successful part of the technology market. All those unwanted phones, tablets and devices need to go somewhere, after all, so why not get paid for getting rid of them?

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Finally, let’s not forget that technology, like anything else, needs to be fashionable and keep up with the times. With smart devices and other technology, appearances are an important consideration and are where some of the biggest changes can be seen. Smartphones get thinner and thinner each year with sleek framing ensuring that the modern smart device is streamlined. The result is that, besides having a bigger screen which makes touch screen operation easier, the small device becomes more portable.

Whether you want something loud or quiet, big or small, there are specialist niches available in all areas of technology. Tablets and other devices come in a range of sizes to suit every taste and need and this is perhaps the biggest change which the technology world has witnessed over the past five years.