Mark zukerberg and his classmates got an idea without knowing the truth that one day more and more people will be registered with Facebook, creating it strong and influential social interface. It is a medium by which friends has a contact with their friends through videos, shared photographs, ideas, their interested applications, games and so on. Marketing on Facebook is effective and it is also inexpensive method of advertising. Anyone can create pages for the business and focus the customers in any city and country by paying some charges. These excellent features are adding value to the regime of Facebook.

On the other hand twitter a few years younger is also gaining the fruits of higher development daily. Twitter is the micro blogging site and it is one of the top ten visited websites of the earth. This wonderful masterpiece was designed by Dorsey back in the year 2006 and from that day it was able to make millions of active users. People text message of about 140 words and create their ideas visible to the world. It is getting famous among the international organizations for the marketing purposes because of its diverse visitors. It is becoming much better daily through offering privacy to its users. Personalizing the background theme is impressive and distinguishing feature of twitter which Facebook does not offer to its users.

As plenty of cell phone users in the developing countries get prepared to graduate from 3G to 4G, live support service on the mobile phones is quickly spreading like a standard communication matrix between consumers online and people provide live support service on the sites. Through accessing the cell phones of their desired business sites, website visitors and customers online are today able to surf through a different range of goods and services. Most of these websites provide consumer support service to their clients communities by dedicated chat software technology that contain mobile capability. If you have latest technology mobile phones but not implemented a live support service, this is right time to consider this protocol.

Best quality dedicated online chat applications that are mobile enabled featured to work in two ways. They do it possible for consumer to engage in online chat straightly from the mobile phones. The user interface that pops up if a chat icon is chosen is configured particularly to work on the mobile phones therefore giving a actual time connection between customers and chat operators. An internet featured mobile phones is your live chat consultants want to respond to the consumers chat queries.

Your chat operators can handle multiple chats, transfer chats at the same time and even make chat transcripts from your palm conveniently. If you are running a small business and always find that you want to give chat service to your clients when you are away from your office or home, online chat software application that is mobile featured is a real blessing for you. Live chat refers to all types of communication over the internet. Anyone can chat with consumers, friends and business partners availing mobile phones.