Google Inc. has been offering various revolutionary software products, which have created huge impetus in the business world. Google Analytics is one such product that has helped many businesses earn fortune over a short span of time.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that helps a web-based business to get a clear picture of the online market. It is basically available for free; however, a very small amount may be charged for some of the premium features and applications of this very interesting product of Google.

All it provides the business owners with relevant statistical data services; thereby allowing them to critically analyze and come up with proper business decision for the smooth running of their business.

How to Use Google Analytics?

First, you have to install this software into the website for which you need relevant information such as how many visitors have visited your site; how much time do they spend on their visit; from where those site visitor come and what are the activities they are generally involved in at the time they are on the webpage, etc.

On the basis of these findings, you can able to make quick and also smart business decision about your website business. There is tracking code in Google Analytics with the help of which you can then analyze the traffic and business objectives.

It is also important for a user to become familiarize with the interface of Google Analytics. This will allow the user to utilize most the features available in this tool.

Ways of Utilizing Google Analytics

There may be several ways of utilizing Google Analytics

Implementing the “Goal Tracking” features

  • As a user you need to click on the “Admin” panel and check on the “Goals” tab.
  • Next, you have to type in the name of the goals that ought to be achieved, into the box.
  • As per the condition set by the user, Google Analytics will automatically generate the results that you can rely upon.
  • In general, users always choose to find out the site visitors or duration of the site visit.
  • With the help of end-results given out by the program, you can realize the problem areas that seek for improvement.

Google Analytics is indeed a great software program that can help the users to monitor the number of traffic generation on their websites. It does provide them with relevant data in a snap-shot. It will be possible for them to acquire information on the behavior of the site visitors, establish market related yardstick and alteration objectives, comparative analysis of new vs. previous traffic, and overview of the trend of traffic and also find out the source of different traffic.

One may also be able to find out the keywords that are being used by the online viewers/visitors to come across their webpage. This is possible due to the availability of “Traffic Sources” tab within Google Analytics. This will render the opportunity to optimize the website business by utilizing the preferred keywords.