The concept of holistic treatment is used to combine the body and mind as a whole unit in therapy for addiction to drugs, alcohol and other toxic substances. Holistic therapy works to eliminate all physical and mental dependencies.

Physical and emotional issues lead to addiction in most cases. Pain that is located in the body is transferred to the brain in microseconds. Pain relieving medication only works for a short time as the body becomes immune to it. The brain does not understand this.

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The disease

Addiction to pain medication, alcohol and controlled substances is a disease. This is a complicated disease with many origins and symptoms, unlike bacterial and virus infections.

Legal opiate drugs that are prescribed for temporary pain relief take over the body long after the surgery or other physical problem is cured. Many narcotics are prescribed for back injuries, surgeries, arthritic conditions and other chronic pain problems. The body becomes dependent on these drugs and that can cause another illness. This dependency has resulted in a major opiate epidemic throughout North America.

Alcohol is a social drug that can be consumed in small amounts and not cause problems. Constant consumption of alcohol is a sign of addiction as the body becomes dependent on this suppressant. Excessive alcohol and drug use is also a sign of chronic depression.

Cocaine, heroin, crack and other illegal street drugs cause a physical and emotional dependency that results in chronic illness.

Effects on the body

All drugs have a physical effect on the human body. They tear it down in many ways. Alcohol and opiates can destroy the liver. They can weaken muscles including the heart and cause stomach problems. Cocaine will ruin the respiratory and circulatory systems.

It is difficult to separate the physical problems from the emotional reactions with addiction. The old ad showing a fried egg to remind you that this is what happens when drugs hit your brain is more than metaphorical. Opiates and stimulants will cause major changes in behavior when they come into contact with brain cells.

Holistic treatment includes education on how drugs change the brain and the body. Awareness of the chemical reactions is part of the program. Full recovery requires the elimination of all toxins before they do permanent damage to the body and brain.

Discovery therapy

Holistic discovery therapy recognizes that there is not just one way to deal with chronic addiction. Each patient has different needs. This concept involves discovery. Trained therapists must work with patients to help them understand and accept themselves.

Patients must recognize the underlying causes of their addiction to chemical substances that can ruin their physical and mental health. They dig deep into their past to understand the present and prepare for a healthy future.
Therapy involves building confidence along with repairing damaged bodies through detoxification and exercise. Art therapy, music therapy, psychodrama, working with horses and other animals are some of the programs used to build confidence.

Pain management without drugs is often part of the program. Patients may find the pain has subsided once they detoxify and remove the harmful chemicals from their body. This is a slow process for many patients based on the level of addiction. Follow-up care is also required for patients once they have left the rehabilitation program.

Relaxing atmosphere

Finding the right holistic residential treatment center for addiction healing and rehabilitation requires research. If you are seeking a program for yourself or a friend, look for an environment that is peaceful and offers relaxation techniques. Psychologists have found that a peaceful environment reduces the tension that increases pain.

A beach on the ocean or a lake is considered a peaceful location for holistic therapy. Water lapping the shore or rolling waves provide a sense of serenity. People with emotional trauma from addiction react positively to this environment. This is the start of the holistic treatment that will soothe mind and body during detoxification from the harmful chemicals that cause addiction.

Holistic treatment takes the long-term approach to recovery in a peaceful environment that encourages self-discovery. Beachside Rehab, a private residential recovery center in Fort Pierce Fl., customizes holistic treatment including aftercare for each patient for a complete recovery.