Thirty years ago, people either took an annual holiday to escape the stresses of daily life. Or, they put those daily routines on hold and headed off for a six or twelve-month adventure. These days, travel is a bit less black and white. With airfares becoming increasingly accessible, it doesn’t take quite as long to save up for a trip as it used to.

It means that many households can afford two (even three) holidays per year, particularly if they’re willing to hunt for last minute deals and limited offers. As most of us now consider travel to be an essential experience, it makes sense that we’re finding more ways to obtain it. For instance, a travel loan from a reputable lender can help make holiday dreams a reality.

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Keep reading to find out which countries in the world offer the best value for money in 2017.


For many years, Romania has topped lists of the cheapest travel destinations. Flights are usually very affordable and, once you land, the prices are something to shout about. You can get a lot for your money here, particularly if you fly to the capital, Bucharest.

You’ll have no trouble finding a feast for under $15 per day. Plus, many of the best attractions are free. It costs nothing to wander around the beautiful historic streets of the city. You can also head to the pre-WWII town of Lipscani and take in the exquisite Palace of Parliament.


The truth is that the Greek Islands are still suffering after the economic crash in 2008. The country has found it very hard to recover from the downturn and prices have dropped substantially. It is good news for tourists because pretty much everything is cheaper now.

If you have reservations, remember that tourism is a major lifeline for places like Crete, Kos, and Corfu. Your visit would be contributing to the health of the economy. The facilities and service here continue to be impeccable, so you won’t miss out on any luxuries.

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We all know a little about Russia’s current place in the world. The nation is at the centre of multiple political scandals, but they don’t reduce the value of its attractions. Tourists are advised to stick to the big cities (Moscow certainly has enough to keep you busy).

The country isn’t dangerous as such. It’s just very different to the rest of Europe. Staying within approved areas will guarantee you an amazing and extremely affordable trip. Check out the incredible Metro system, the embalmed body of Lenin, and the many beautiful churches.


You’d do well to get to Croatia quickly before it becomes a huge tourist hotspot. Once an overlooked gem, this region has been made famous by Game of Thrones. Now, everybody wants to visit and those knock-down prices are steadily rising.

Right now, it’s still incredibly cheap. It is also breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you choose Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, or one of the other cities, you’ll find Roman ruins, classic architecture, and surprisingly lively nightlife. Just remember that it can be pretty quiet out of season.


India has long been a mecca for backpackers and budget travellers. Flights tend to be cheap through the year and the price of public transport, food, drink, and attractions will have you open mouthed. Southern states like Kerala are a great opportunity to get close to the local wildlife. Travel advice is to be cautious and avoid wandering out of tourist areas after dark.

Why You Should Consider a Travel Loan

The problem with ‘dream’ vacations is that we can spend so much time preparing for them that we forget the reason they seemed unmissable in the first place. With a travel loan, from a reputable lender, you can stop planning and start living. The repayment terms are flexible, affordable, and designed to suit your lifestyle. If you want to broaden your horizons but can’t quite afford it, consider a travel loan!