Google Adsense High Paying Keywords
AdSense is One of the Highest Paying program for Bloggers and Website owners. anyone can Optimize his/her site for these keywords.
CPC : Also known as Cost per Click which is the Amount of money you get when someone click on your Adsense Ad unit.Google Have different amount of Bucks for different keywords for every click depending upon your location on the Globe.You can Understand this by a Simple Example:

Car Insurance” Related Keywords have much More CPC than “Desktop Wallpapers” related Keywords.

This is the list of top or highest paying google keywords list

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Highest Paying Attorneys Related Keywords
austin dwi     100.42
austin dwi attorney     132.52
san diego dui attorney     73.52
houston criminal attorney     48.84
san diego dui     37.66
dwi texas     20.02
dui attorneys     44.92
dwi attorney     45.68
dui attorney     45.84
dui lawyer     43.7

Highest paying Domain Name related keywords
register a domain name     22.34
servers dedicated     43.42
how to register a domain name     21.08
register domain names     24.76
domain register     22.62
domain registration     21.26
domain registering     20.84
counter strike dedicated servers     33.26
buy domain name     21.76
registering domain names     22.4

Highest Paying Medical related Keywords
mesothelioma attorneys     184.76
mesothelioma lawyers     187.68
mesothelioma lawyer     191.56

Highest Paying Software related keywords
software escrow     34.58
billing software     17.62
human resources software     21.1
small business software     12.62
inventory management software     13.2
pestpatrol     12.32
fundraising software     9.44
software configuration management     12.52
great plains software     9.72
software distribution     11.18
web survey software     15.24
backup software     12.96

Highest paying Auto/Finance related Keywords
auto insurance quote     62.94
auto quote     52.04
auto insurance quotes     62.4
nj auto insurance     57.16
auto quotes     56.18
auto insurance ontario     44.82
insurance auto florida     40.88
auto insurance     35.82
auto accident attorney     82.52
michigan auto accident     43.66
new york auto insurance     54.42
auto insurance ca     50.04
car insurance quote     67.14
online car insurance     64.36
term life insurance quote     35.52
cheap car insurance     51.24
auto insurance quotes     62.4
online insurance quotes     53.32
nj auto insurance     57.16
debt consildation     26.04
discount car insurance     46.92