One of the most private possessions we have is the smartphones. YES. You are screwed if your smartphone happens to fall into the wrong hands. And there is even not much to tell that how much it could go wrong. This significantly means that personal privacy is one of the major concerns we have. And we have Hexlock app which is a smart app locker for a smartphone. If you really want to protect your mobile apps from falling into the wrong hands or unauthorized access, then go for Hexlock. In this article, we will be reviewing this app. So, just be with us and discover what has made Hexlock one of the best privacy apps for Android.

Privacy has always been one of the major problems since the existence of the smartphones. And in order to protect your privacy, it is really important to block your smartphone. This is what most of the people endures, but Hexlock is an app which offers the best solution. And the solution is to block the specific apps. This app significantly helps in protecting your privacy without blocking your smartphone. This is the reason which makes Hexlock one of the best privacy apps for a smartphone. Yes, you just have to set a single password for the apps which you want to block from unauthorized access and this is it.

Hexlock is a free smartphone privacy app which is offered to the users by Liquidum. It does offer a number of features for protecting the apps on your smartphone from the unauthorized access. This app locker is being used by more than 1 million users around the globe and it has received quite a good rating as well.

First, we would like to talk about the User Interface of Hexlock.

This app does have a cool user interface which is a user-friendly one. It is really attractive as well as responsive and fast. The material design of this app makes it looks cool. No unusual animations or transactions are packed into this app which is good a good thing about it and even makes this app work perfectly on devices which low memory.

Key Features of Hexlock

In this section, we are talking about some of the notable features of Hexlock which make it worth to stand on the list as the best smart app locker for a smartphone.

Automatic App Lock

Hexlock is a privacy app which automatically locks the apps providing more security. When the user connects to WIFi, this app locks the apps automatically. It is only when the user has enabled the auto locking app feature.

Auto-Switching Profiles

Another amazing Hexlock feature is the auto-switching profiles which the user can easily customize according to them. The users can simply set these customized profiles for locking and unlocking the apps. When the user will connect to the selected WiFi, then the locker will automatically switch to a different profile. When the user will disconnect from the WiFi, the profile will automatically revert back.

Fingerprint Lock

Most of the smartphones nowadays feature a fingerprint lock system which ensures more security to the device. The Hexlock is an app which supports the fingerprint lock system which helps in easily locking the apps. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to Samsung devices.


Hexlock offers the users with a customization feature. This feature helps in easily customization of the background and the lock screen easily. It even allows the users to add a custom photo on the device’s lock screen or use some solid colors on the same.

Media Vault

Hexlock offers the users with a Media Vault feature which helps in hiding all the important files including the images and videos easily. There is no need for installation of any other apps to this job.

Price for Hexlock

Hexlock is a free Android app, but you will find in-app ads in the free version. You have to pay $0.15 to remove the in-app ads.

Hexlock offers the users with different profiles which are considered to be a specific system. It does allow the users to block certain apps at a particular time. This app makes everything simple and easy with its loaded profiles for work, café, party, and school and parental. Another great thing about Hexlock is its flexibility. Yes, this app allows the user to create custom profiles, but the icons selection is limited, so choose a unique name. It is a privacy app which offers the users with total security. It ensures privacy by offering the users with a PIN-locking system, which is used for unlocking the apps. However, in few Samsung smartphones, this app offers fingerprint reader which is safer than the latter.

What we actually loved about the Hexlock App is its practicality and its straightforwardness. It is a pretty fast and quick app which won’t lag your phone. Overall, it is a pretty nice privacy app for your smartphone. It helps in keeping all your personal apps safe and secure. So, if your phone falls into the wrong hands, then the person won’t be able to unlock until and unless you grant them the permission.

Hexlock is one of the best and smart app lockers for a smartphone which offer cool features to its users including customization, attractive UI, locking apps automatically and much more. It’s simple and easy to use UI makes it one of the best privacy apps for Android. We have personally tested a number of app lockers at MakingDifferent, but Hexlock is the one which has the certain features that make it one of the best apps around. It has a clean UI with good design and available for free.

You can get this app for free from Google Play Store. Don’t forget to download this app and share your reviews with us.