Everyday we use a variety of services that impact our lives. Even the less important services have an impact. Choosing the right television content provider can mean the difference between having nothing to watch during your downtime, and always having the best entertainment and educational options available to you.

There was a time when most people had no options for television content providers. There was only one serving their area. But thanks to the internet, there are more options such as Netflix and Hulu, and a plethora of other full-service providers that are online only.


We have gone from having no choices, to a lot of compromised choices where the right decision is less than obvious. That is true for many of the services we use. With no clear winners, it can be difficult to know what criteria is most important. Here are some tips for navigating the most important services dominating our day to day:

Determine What You Need the Most

We can sometimes be blinded by the huge laundry list of features and options that companies throw at us. But a large feature list is not necessarily a good thing. One of the ways to hide that fact that they are not particularly good at anything is to throw a lot of features at you, winning you over by sheer volume. None of it is very good. But at least you get a lot of it. Think of it as a $10 buffet. You have good reason to be suspicious.

Before considering anyone’s deal, start with what is most important to you. If you were only paying for one feature, what would it be? Then find the company that super serves that feature. Other features are just a bonus.
For instance, if you are looking at Suddenlink Communication for your internet provider, it would likely be for 1 Gbps speed with unlimited data. Maybe you are more concerned about fast turnarounds on service calls, uptime, or the absolute lowest price for basic service. What you want to do is find the company that is the best at the thing you need the most. Consider everything else a bonus.

Who Offers the Best Security?

When you are looking at something like a VPN, you have to focus on the thing that is most important. It is not price. It is not even speed. The only reason you get a VPN is because you want to be absolutely sure no one can track what you are doing online. This is a crucial service for a mobile business professional who has to conduct sensitive affairs outside of the office.

Once security has been established, then you can consider other factors for choosing the most suitable VPN service. Security is the first box to check off for a lot of services. Anything associated with financial services has to start with security. Online storage also falls into that category.

There is an ongoing battle between security and convenience. Many people get sidetracked by enticing convenience features of a service without considering the hit to security. There is nothing wrong with convenient services as long as you always put security in the priority position.

Don’t Forget About Ecosystem

We no longer live in an age of stand-alone products and services. You can’t just get the best of every category and expect all the disparate components to work seamlessly together. It is possible to gather the best individual components and get the worst user experience.

A good example is the Internet of things (IoT). You need your lights to work with your security cameras, to work with your door locks. And you want all that to work with your favorite voice assistant that also needs to be able to work with your smartphone. And on it goes. For best results, you don’t choose connected light bulbs in a vacuum. You choose an ecosystem, then the products and services that work with that ecosystem.

Determine what feature is most important to you. Make sure it meets the highest security standards. And be sure it works seamlessly within your chosen ecosystem. In so doing, you will be sure to avoid bad decisions about your most important services.