Online shopping is already incredibly convenient. Ever since Amazon Prime premiered ten years ago, we can shop while sitting on our couches, while waiting for the bus, or while getting a haircut – it’s hard to imagine that it could get any more convenient! However, by studying how far online shopping has come, we can easily estimate where we could wind up in 10 years.

Amazon is currently experimenting with drone delivery, a service that would efficiently deliver small packages in a matter of hours using drone technology. As drones become more popular, their cost goes down – making them not only the most efficient choice, but also a very cost effective choice for package delivery. Drones run on batteries, so they cut down on fuel costs. This only adds to their overall cost effectiveness.

3-D Printing is currently reserved for the wealthiest laboratories and corporations, but it is possible that it could, one day, allow online shoppers to receive the goods they need faster than ever before – making online shopping more convenient than anyone could have ever thought. Though it sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel, 3-D printing could soon become a regular part of our lives!

Check out this infographic by ShopSmart, a price comparison website for more information on the future of online shopping!

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