harlem shake

Harlem Shake, I know that, you would be familiar with that. Anyway, Harlem Shake is an Internet Meme Video in which a group of people show a comedy script, which later became viral in the whole Internet because of the uploaded video in YouTube like the PSY Gangnam Style.

Later then, YouTube shaked it’s logo to refer Harlem Shake. Day by Day, Creative Videos come up like Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style and it is impossible to stop making those dance steps or those actions.

Now, this have even extended to the Web World and there is a tool developed by hsmaker.com. HSMaker is a website that was only developed to Harlem Shake the website which is entered in the URL field. Don’t forget to turn your speakers ON, the site shakes according to the beats in the Music. It will be interesting if you try it yourself. Note that, you can’t escape, you have to close the window to stop the Shake.

Aha!, Hope you enjoyed doing the Harlem Shake of your favourite websites. Saw the images, buttons shaking in the site, When I saw it for the first time, I went dizzy. How did you feel? Share your experience below. Stay Tuned, more coming up on the way! :)