India is a home of many festivals and each of them has their own significance. All of these festivals are celebrated with great joy. One such festival that had remained popular since long is Raksha bandhan- a festival that depicts the sweet relationship of a brother and sister. It is an auspicious day for Hindus where all sisters tie the pious string in the hands of their beloved brother and along with it they pray for their long, safe and happy life too. The popularity of this festival has not restricted to the boundaries of India only and had become popular all around the globe.

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When you will be celebrating Rakhi this year?

Rakshabandhan is always celebrated on the full moon day or Purnamasi as they say in Hindu community of Shravan month, the month that is known for heavy rainfall.  This year Raksha bandhan will be celebrated on the third Wednesday of August, that is, on 21st of August.

Can Rakhi be called a relation of thread only?

The deepest and loveliest virtuous relation of a brother with her sister could be regarded as the most beautiful emotion of the world. Rakshabandhan provides you with an opportunity where this virtuous relation is celebrated by tying a string in the wrist of the brother by his sister. This string cannot be identified as a normal thread as it is throbbed with the sublime sentiments ad the endless love of a sister. Rakhi signifies protection, here the brother promises to protect his sister in all situations. It signifies that the one who is stronger will always safeguard the weaker one from all evils that come across. Rakhi is always tied on the right hand of the brother.

How these Rakhi looks like?

The original Rakhi has no proper shape or material associated with but traditionally Rakhi is made with silk thread generally entangled with silver or golden ones. They are crafted with delicate embroidered sequence and sometimes even embossed with precious stones. Overall it looks beautiful.

Is it true that Friendship band is an extension to Rakhi?

To an extend it holds true as when a female starts thinking that a male has develop a soft corner for her, she rather than reciprocating directly turns the relation towards friendship through the similar strings called Friendship band. This is a small way by which without hurting others feeling a sweet relation is formed through strings.

Historical value

Rakhi is behind the foundation of many political ties. History has remained witnessed about the glory of Rakhi where Maratha and Rajput females have sent it to Mughal king and had asked him for protection. Despite of castism he came up with great help and had saved the glory of this fraternal bonding. Even the King Porus is known to forgive the life of Alexander the Great when Alexander’s wife sends a Rakhi to Porus and request him not to kill her husband.

Rakhi started for lord Varuna but today it has become an inseparable part of Indian tradition.