A cycle of 365 days though sounds so huge but it pass so fast that it is hard to recall when exactly it started. It seems as if 2013 started yesterday but today we are planning for its farewell. So many party preparation are going on everywhere that it is tough to imagine that it was just few days ago that we were welcoming 2013 and it is time to bid it goodbye.

Good Bye 2013 Welcome 2014

So many resolutions are yet to come and so many promises are yet to deliver with the arrival of 2014. Some will last for few hours, some for few days and other may last for certain months and only few will end up in completing those. Just few days and the whole world will be welcoming 2014 together. Many have planned to settle in their life whereas rest is planning to decide their future.

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Hope world will have more series of iPhones and highly innovated gadgets in this upcoming year. Releases of many movies are expected to arrive in 2014. Already the cricket world is in despair after the announcement made by Sachin in 2013 and a hope is there that this New Year will add certain rays of positive hope in the cricket world.

A list of wall papers is already setting trends in the online world for welcoming New Year. Wall papers with several backgrounds and the number 2014 inscribed on it. These wallpapers will witness the upgradation of online hub. E-card is another trend setter in this online hub. You will also see a whole new world of e-cards for wishing this New Year.

Social sites and online hubs are the tempo of the world and many positive alterations are expected in the coming time. Many plans are waiting for the beginning of this New Year. Many of you are planning for surprises or for parties but ultimately what you all want is to have a peaceful year and a happy year.

A hope that the value of rupees will increase and at the same time the position of economy will rise too in this upcoming year is there in everyone’s heart.  Everyone is hoping for best and planning to welcome this New Year in the best possible manner.

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India will be having her new prime minister in 2014. Many new projects and many technological innovations are awaited for this upcoming year. A hope that world will have less strike, low population, reduced pollution, high technology and above all peace and love will be spread everywhere with the arrival of 2014. A new year with new hope, new dreams and new life- this is what we are expecting from the upcoming 2014. Countdown has begun. Let’s see! What this magic box hold for us! A peaceful life or the flow of same scary trend, this mystery is yet to be solved for this coming new year. Spread the warmth and word of peace as much as you can. What I can do is, be a part of your well wisher, so Happy New Year, 2014!