Friendship is a relation that is beyond any words. It is a relation hat is not related to blood but still the bonding is more than that of any blood relation. It is a blessing given to all living creatures given by god. You choose the person to start a relation that has no limits, no boundaries, no hide and seek games like the common ones that you come across in another rules or any rule. You are the one who make rules in this relationship and then within moments you are the one who breaks it as friendship cannot be bounded in any rules.

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What is friendship day?

What is Friendship DayFriendship day is a day that cannot be celebrated on any particular day but as you all know friends look for the reason to party for every small thing. Though many stories go behind why you celebrate friendship day. Some says there were two best friends and one of them die saving the other one on this day and in tribute of that friend, the whole world started to celebrate this day. There are other stories too behind the foundation of this day but whatsoever may be the legend behind it, you get a chance to celebrate with your friend and that is the best thing behind this day.

So whom you are selecting as your friend!

So whom you are selecting as your friend!Friendship knows no barrier, no discrimination, no age gaps or any other differences. Friends are considered to be those people who stand with you when you are right or even when you are wrong or even when no one is with you. They make you life, give you company with your tears or sometimes impose their problem on you to that extend that you forget your worries and start worrying about them. A magic where no mantra is enchanted but you feel special, this is the true meaning of a friend.

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Every year it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Some of you throw a party or go for a picnic or a hang out or some movie plans or sometimes plans without action, this is the common scenario of friendship day celebration. Whatever may be the plan but you are likely to have limitless fun with the longest smile. Friendship bands are the common accessory that is exchange on this day. This is the token of friendship on this day. Many are seen apologizing to their friends for any mistakes that they have done or an excuse to communicate with your friends in the busy life.

Friendship day is no doubt one of the special days for all of them who treat friendship as the most important relation in the world. It is among those days which people of all caste celebrate irrespective of national boundaries or territories. A great fame has been won by social networking sites for this special day as they had shrieked the small world in the screen of your cell or your PC. So now wherever you are don’t miss the opportunity to communicate with your friends or to hang out with them for recalling the precious moment of your life.