ather, a combination of strength, generosity, warmth, pride and love.
Generally, when we think of a father; the conventional image; we see an authoritative person. You absolutely have to do what that person tells you to. Pretty rough, isn’t it? But, now, that the modern day dads have arrived, they understand the needs of their children and give them enough space to grow. But one thing that hasn’t changed over the ages is the love a father possesses for his child. He is the perfect combination of severity and care. You make a mistake and you are under his gaze. But, even a small tear running down your cheek worries him. He is the epitome of sacrifice.


Think of a situation in your childhood. You are learning to ride a bicycle and your father is supporting it. Once, you look back and see him, you’re fully assured that you won’t fall. After a little while, those supporting hands of a father leave the bicycle and you start riding it on your own. Symbolic of a dad’s role in real life. He supports you, protects you and teaches you the difference between what is right and what isn’t. He shapes you into a good human being. Then, at the right time, he leaves you free, knowing that you’ve learned enough and you won’t fall. In case, you fall, he will give you the courage to stand up and fight again. That is how powerful a father’s support is. When we are young, all our needs are taken care of. Whether it’s education, recreation or the sweet tooth that many children possess.
“Dad, I want a new bat.”, “Dad, I want candy.”, “Daddy, please buy me that new doll.” and tonnes of other desires. He will fulfill them, no matter what.

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Father’s day gives a chance to celebrate fatherhood. It was initiated in order to compliment “Mother’s Day” at Washington, USA. The founder of this special day was a loving daughter named Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father, William Smart was a single parent and raised his six children alone. When Sonora heard of Mother’s Day, she thought. “Why not a Father’s day?” She requested for it and here we are. The first Father’s day was held on June 19, 1910. Now, we celebrate “Father’s Day” on the third Sunday of June every year. It is a public holiday in many countries. Though, in India, it is not a public holiday, still honoring the father has utmost importance, even in the ancient Indian history. Ramayana, is the best example. Ram lived in exile for 14 years just to keep the honor of his father, Dashratha’s words to his wife Kaikeyi.

Father’s day comes once a year. The day when all the fathers of the world are honored. A father makes you feel important and loved each and every day of the year, since your birth. Then why make them feel important for only one particular day? Make your father feel respected, make him feel important. After all, he has been a life support. Let’s dedicate a day to our fathers.
Happy Father’s Day..!