There is quite a bit of pressure to look strong and slender on your wedding day. Brides- and grooms-to-be are expected to spend months in the gym, firming and toning, so they can look their absolute best on their big day. However, the pre-wedding period allows for anything but a regulated diet: Dozens of parties, showers, tastings, and more force unexpected, calorie-dense splurges that break nutrition plans to pieces. Plus, all the stress of planning a wedding doesn’t encourage the body to lose weight, either.

How to Be Happily Healthy Before, During, and After Your Wedding

Fortunately, with some subtle tricks and a bit of extra will-power, any newlywed-to-be can get in shape and stay heathy. Here’s how you can have the body you’ve always wanted for your wedding — and the rest of your married life, if you like.


Choose a Satisfying Fitness Regime: For one person, running might be the best way to lose weight. For another, it might be swimming, and for another, it might be lifting weights. The key to getting fit and staying that way is finding an exercise that you will do because you love doing it. To find what you enjoy, you might enroll in a variety of fitness classes, including yoga, spinning, kickboxing, and more. Then, once you understand what your body likes, you can begin achieving and maintaining your ideal body image.

However, diet is a completely different beast. Though it is important to find a diet you can stick to, it is generally inadvisable for you to eat only the foods you most savor. Instead, your diet should be balanced, with enough nutrition to keep your brain and body active. One wedding nutritionist suggests that a pre-wedding diet at least follow the USDA’s daily Food Plate for 1600 calories, which includes:

  • 4 servings of grains
  • 2 cups of vegetables
  • 1 1/2 cups of fruits
  • 3 servings of dairy
  • 5 ounces of protein
  • 3 teaspoons of oils

Once you’ve found a diet and exercise regime that suits your needs, you should stick to it every week before the wedding, and you should continue it even during your marital bliss. Studies show that women and men gain as much as 30 pounds of excess weight during their first five years of marriage, and maintaining a steady fitness plan will keep that weight off.


Be Involved in Pre-Wedding Parties: Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sustain a Be Involved in Pre-Wedding Partiesregular diet when there are so many pre-wedding meals. Engagement parties, wedding showers, bachelor/ette parties, and more often demand brides- and grooms-to-be to partake in rich foods that are outside their normal nutrition plan.

Usually, couples-to-be are not overly involved in the organization of these pre-wedding shindigs, as friends and family members assume all planning responsibilities. However, for the sake of your waistline, you should demand a role. Then, you will be better able to supervise the menu for these functions and steer them toward healthier options.

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Find a Healthy Catering Service: Though your big day may seem like the perfect opportunity to treat yourself with your favorite fattening foods, the reality is you probably won’t want to be stuffed with a heavy, unhealthy meal during your wedding. After all the work it took to look slim and trim in your formal attire, you will want to avoid feeling full and bloated when the day finally comes. Instead, you should choose healthier food options for your main course, like either of the following:

  • Vegetarian. There is a wide world of vegetarian cuisines that are far from bland and disappointing. India and the Far East are filled with vegetable-heavy meals that won’t weigh you down. Thus, going vegetarian for the day is an easy way to keep calories and fat low and satisfaction high.
  • Mediterranean. Many nutritionists high and low swear that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world. Plus, Mediterranean food, including hummus, couscous, dolmas, and more, is diverse, filling, and incredibly crowd-pleasing. This wedding caterer demonstrates how Mediterranean food makes for a perfect wedding feast.


Keep Stress Low: Long-term stress, like that associated with planning a wedding, has a profound impact on the body. Notably, stress tends to make it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. Your circulating stress hormones tell various systems that you are in a dangerous situation, and as a result, your body begins storing energy (in the form of fat) for the perilous future. Anxiety can also induce “stress eating” and odd cravings which could force you off your diet and away from your exercise plan.

The best advice for staying healthy before your wedding — whether you are trying to shed pounds or not — is to be mindful of your stress levels and strive to maintain a more rewarding way to manage your stress. With any luck, you can use your relaxation method even after the wedding — perhaps when the stresses of marriage begin to pop up.