Regardless of the type of workplace you’re in whether it’s a construction site or an office, they all come with their own health risks but hand hygiene is a constant across them all.

In an office space, where it’s usually a small work environment where several desks, documents and devices are touched by a lot of people then passed around, the risk of bacteria being carried over from one hand to another increases ten fold.

System Hygiene bring you some tips on helping with hand hygiene in your workplace and how this will help with the overall health of you and everyone that works there.


Paper Towels or Air Dryers?

Often a big debate as to which is better is, are paper towels the most effective? or do air dryers not actually do that much to free you hands of bacteria?


Paper towels have been proven to be much more efficient than air dryers at removing bacteria as the process of friction seems to be the deciding factor, with air dryers only able to provide a small fraction of that. Without physical friction it becomes very difficult to completely dry your hands let alone remove the bacteria.

Along with being much more effective, paper towels are far cheaper to use and much easier to transport around the workplace. Not needing electricity or previous installation, buying paper towels couldn’t be simpler to ensure the best hand drying available.

Lack of Hand Washing

It may be surprising but a large amount of people don’t actually wash their hands after visiting the bathroom and even those that do rarely use soap. This way of thinking is very dangerous to the overall health of your workplace and puts everyone at high risk of illness.

It’s best to reinforce the idea of hand washing by keeping up signs to remind everyone to wash their hands as they may simply forget. Signs around the kitchen too is a great idea to avoid cross contamination of foods.

It’s recommended that when washing your hands you do so for 15-20 seconds and make sure it’s vigorous, with soap, so that the germs are killed effectively. A quick run under the water doesn’t help at all and will only help germs and bacteria spread around quicker.

Stock Up

To ensure that your workplace has everything it needs, so that your employees don’t skip hand washing then stock up on the essentials right away. If you don’t then employees will either complain or just not do it all together, increasing the likelihood of absence from sickness, losing you vital work hours and profit.

Products such as bar soaps or cartridge soaps are essential to allow everyone to thoroughly wash their hands properly. It’s usually best to go with cartridge soaps to avoid any cross contamination from a bar soap that’s been dropped on the floor. Hand sanitisers are great for a quick answer to hand hygiene on the go where a bathroom or washroom isn’t available. Great for any workplace where it’s outdoors or where your workers need to travel often.

Don’t forget the paper towels to ensure that the whole process is rounded off, since they’re so cheap you can buy them in bulk and stash them around the workplace to ensure they’re not out of hand’s reach.