So, if you are the one who is planning for a Halloween party, then you must be knowing that rather than just treating or tricks and costumes, the celebrations include much more. Planning out simple and fun and safe, yet not too scary Halloween party games will help you in hosting the best party ever. It will be a memorable one for a life time. If you are thinking that to have a fun-filled Halloween party will blow up your monthly budget, then you really need not to do so. The games which I will be mentioning out here for you all are cost free and will entertain your kids as well.

Donut Eating Race

Ever thought “eating a donut” can be a fun moment? I am sure, NO, but what if I tell you about donut eating race? Yes, donuts hanging from a tree in a garden or from a sturdy rod and a twist in the tale is that all the participants will be blindfold as well as hands clichéd together at the back. Isn’t it quite interesting? Because the winner will be the one who will finish his/her first.

Mummy Wrap

Crepe Papers
Ah! From its name itself, you can judge that it will leave you all wrapped up. So, divide people in teams of two, one male and one female and give them any fabric or toilet paper. At the start of the music, the male participant must wrap his female partner leaving the head and arms, from head to toe, and once the female participant is completely wrapped, she must run towards the finish line. The one who reaches first wins the game.
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Eerie piñata

Eerie Piñata
For making this piñata, you can ask your kids to help you in filling it with small toys, gifts and candies as well as decorate it something spooky type. Allow every person in Halloween party to take a swing and enjoy the moment until it breaks down.

Mr. Skeleton Relay Race

Before beginning your Halloween Party, you need to prepare a little bit before. You need to buy a skeleton and break it into enough pieces so that every relay team has a full skeleton set. Dividing the teams and at the whistle, grab the piece of skeleton one-by-one by each member of the team. The team, which will assemble the skeleton first will win.
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Find from the bowl

It is a classic guessing game for people of all ages. Keep 10 separate bowls filled with different things, like Jell-O or spaghetti or something which feels gross and slimy. Cover all the bowls with a dark coloured cloth so that no one can peek into it. Participants have to guess the name of the item by just feeling it.

Bobbing for Apples

Every Halloween Party is incomplete without this bobbing classic game. You have to fill a shallow bucket with apples and have fun. Remember that you have to use your mouth to pick apples, because your hands are not allowed.

Hidden Pumpkins

It’s time to hide few pumpkins at few secret spots where no one thinks to find and ask the party-goers to have fun finding pumpkins. The person who will find the maximum pumpkins first will win.

Scarecrow Building

This game will bring a creative side of everyone present in the party. You need to provide all the material which is needed to build a scarecrow. Allow the sufficient time for each team to build the best creative scarecrow.

Halloween Jinx

Halloween Jinx- halloween party game
This is really an interesting Halloween party game wherein you have to tell your guests that there are certain words which they can’t say throughout the party. It is not at all easy because the party longs for the whole night. Simultaneously, you can set up an embarrassing and funny penalty who breaks the rules. Get the directions for battle of balloons.

Battle of the Balloons

Battle of the balloons
This is the most hilarious funniest moment for Halloween party goers because balloons with different faces will be tied to the shoes of each person. People have to pop up the balloons of each other and it will look like a kid’s race for a candy. This game will leave everyone laughing and rolling on floors.

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So, I have managed to collect the best simple and fun entertaining Halloween party games, which are even kid tested too. You can even use all these games for celebrating other moments too. These games, even make great birthday party games and even loved, especially by kids and teens. So, take the ideas from above mentioned Halloween party games and have fun.