Alopecia disease in women Surprisingly a research says a woman spends almost $50K in order to maintain their hair during their lifetime. Emotionally loosing hair could be a disaster for a woman. Many of them are even happening to fall a trap in the hand of depression when this problem increases. Hair loss could be seen in both the genders- male and female. There could be ample of reason for this problem and the quite common one is wrong eating habit. The other common reason is the medication and their side effects. It is often seen that a list of illness often lead to hair loss. It may be the internal reaction due to the sickness, reaction of medicine, some severe infection or certain chemical reaction with the water they use.


A common term among the hair loss problem is Androgenetic alopecia. It is a hereditary illness that leads to hair loss among female. It is often seen that women with reducing hair lines are often seen worried about their daughters. This problem starts with alarming hair loss and ends up with thinner and thinner hair. It may go so severe that the follicles last to shrink till it ends up the capacity of hair production. This problem is often related to hormones issues and could be cured if proper treatment is taken on time.

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Another hair loss disease is Alopecia Areata which is basically an autoimmune disorder. The basic problem that lies with this disease is it could happen again and again. It is not restricted to any age limits and could happen at any age. It leads to a patchy head or loss of hair in patches. The treatment for the same could be done via cream, various medicated shampoos including Lodex/ Clobex, Rogaine or steroid injections. This could give you relieve till a limit. According to a research this hair loss may be due to the stress of day to day life.

In today’s busy and highly advanced life inhaling medicine is a common practice is everyday’s life. So in certain cases inhaling medicine could cause hair loss. The common medication issues are as follows: anemia, psoriasis, pregnancy, seborrheic dermatitis, thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases and polycystic ovary syndrome. Sometimes this hair loss can suddenly occur if you have undergone any surgery or could have undergone alarming weight loss or the increased level of Vitamin A could be a normal reason. Sometimes you may also trace relationship among Celiac Disease/ Gluten Intolerance and Graves Disease and alopecia.

The hair loss among woman could be due to Traction Alopecia. Often the fashion statements or the wrong fashion practice including straigtheners, Cornrows, dyes, careless hair brushing and blow dryers often lead to severe hair loss.

Generally this thinning began on the scalp’s top. You could check autoimmune disease or even thyroid gland and in case if this fall continues in clumps than its time for checking alopecia areata.

How to treat it?

Minoxidili 2%, Rogaine has been approved by FDA for the treatment of alopecia among women. Twice application of it for one-third of the year may give you a positive result. In case if it is due to anemia than try iron supplements. Iodine deficiency should not be ignored too. Intake of Nutrition and dealing with your stress is very helpful. Zinc, Iron and other important biotin supplement is highly recommended. Antifungal treatment with Neem and Amla is helpful too along with Coconut oil.

You are just required to follow certain steps regularly and you could easily overcome your nightmare.

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