If you are a guitarist or even if you are planning to be the one, then this article will surely help you as today I will be sharing 4 awesome websites from where you can easily find guitar chords for your songs. These websites are no doubt the best and really worth to give a try. The main reason to list out these 4 websites to be best because of their simplicity and easy to use as well as provides the users with all functionalities.

barre-chord-close-upImage: guitar.about.com


Chordie: It is a massive library featuring large collections of guitar chords. It does features accurate as well as inaccurate guitar chords and you will seriously keep on thinking that which song doesn’t have any Chordie listing. It simply allows you to search for any song or the listings by the artists which are well organized according to the alphabetical order. It is a very significant way from where you can easily search the guitar chords by typing in the artist name. It is significantly the largest guitar chords community of the people who truly love music. Many a times, you will be able to find all the accurate guitar chords which will help you in playing the coolest songs.


Ultimate Guitar: Most of the people start with chordie but eventually takes up Ultimate Guitar which is quite really pleased to use. It features clean and cool layout with music articles, news, interviews and much more. Moreover, it even features a forum as well as a community of the guitar playing lovers. On this website, you can not only find the guitar chords but even you can easily immerse yourself into the music world in order to learn playing new songs. It does feature a Top 100 section which holds up some of the greatest songs. Overall, it is the ultimate resource to find guitar chords for songs.


E-Chords: The favorite online sport is the Ultimate Guitar for many but E-Chords is the best close choice. It functions exceptionally and you can easily discover all your favorite songs right from the main page itself. It does allow you to search for songs just using the part of the lyrics as well which is quite really useful. It is an amazing online application which no large community but helps in learning about playing songs with whatever the format you are actually comfortable with. It does helps in customizing the song’s display along with the chords which are associated with the same.


Heartwood Guitar Instruction: We can’t really say that Heartwood guitar does features giant guitar chords library but it is the best free resource in order to learn about how to play guitar including hundreds of classic songs with the chords. The songs and chords are listed in an alphabetically wise with a nice layout. The whole chords listings are quite really a fun to play and learn which attracts people to be the part of this website.

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If you are learning to play guitar or playing on your old strings, then these are the best websites to find guitar chords for songs and that too easily. You might have your personal favorite but these are really worth to checkout.