Movavi Video Suite is an all in one software suite that bundle together video, audio, photo, and burn disc applications. When you first launch Movavi Video Suite, there is a welcome screen with many different tabs that categorize the different applications included in the suite. Under the video tab, you can find the tools for editing video, converting video and capture screencast on your computer screen.


To edit a video, you can click the Edit video link to open Movavi Video Editor. You must first drag the video into the area that says Drag your files here. When you drag the video to the timeline, there will be a plus sign copy symbol on your cursor. You can move the red marker to go to any point of the video. If there is a part that you want to delete, you must first split it with the scissor tool to separate it from the rest of the video. You must move the red marker to the starting point of the unwanted part and click the scissor button.

Next, you must move the red marker again to the end point of the unwanted part and click the scissor button. To select a video clip, you simply click on it once. The selected video clip will have a yellow border around it. When the video clip is selected, you can click on the trash button to remove it from the timeline. You can also delete it by right clicking on it and selecting delete from the right click menu.

Movavi Video Suite offers a lot of filters that can add special effects onto the video. To add a filter, you have drag it to the video. When you see the cursor shows plus sign, you must let go of the mouse click to allow the filter to be added to the video. If you drag another filter onto the video, it will overlay on it so that two filters are now being applied to the video. If you add the wrong filter, you can go to the Edit menu and click the Undo to undo it. The filters are categorized in many different categories such as noise, flying objects, light leaks, retro and etc.

In the transitions tab, you can find a variety of transitions to add to the video. If you want to add transitions, there must be more than one video clip in the timeline. If there is a single video clip in the timeline and you drag the transition over it, the transition animation will occur at the end of the video.

Movavi Video Suite offers a lot of animated title styles that are fun. You can drag the title style to appear at the front or end of the video. If you want the title to appear in the entire video length, you must drag it onto the T row and drag the edge to expand it to the same length of the video. When you are done editing the video, you just need to click the export button and choose the appropriate video format to export the video.