On the way to setting up an online store on WordPress? Cool. Although having an online store up and running seems fairly easy with WordPress, it still requires a lot of hard work and time investment to grow it to a successful sale generating store.

You’ll first need to determine the needs of yours store and your customers to equip it with the right functionality.Whether it’s a small family owned online store or a huge ecommerce website, WordPress has the right set of tools to make it better. Here in this post I have put together a list of WordPress plugins which will help you grow your business whatever the focus of your store is.

eCommerce WD

eCommerce WD is what you’ll need to build a compelling online store, without any coding skill and complicated setup.The plugin comes with advanced filtering, storing and comparing functionalities, and features a powerful search. You can display the products in 5 different views and use any of the pre-built customizable templates to make your pages fit your site design. Also, it allows you to create various product groups and apply different shipping methods and tax types to them.You can set parameters for each of the products and change product prices depending on parameter value. The plugin supports three payment options: without online payment , PayPal Standard and PayPal Express. ECommerce WD is social media integrated and supports Facebook comments,reviews and rates.

WordPress Google Analytics

WordPress Google Analytics. Small business owners oftentimes do not focus that much on analytics, however understanding how your site is converting is a key metric that site owners should be aware of. Google Analytics WD can be a great addition to your online store and help you track and measure how your store’s doing. It provides detailed reports on your site’s audience and performance, as well as gives eCommerce sales stats, and AdSense and AdWords reports.You can also set custom reports and get stats on any metric and dimension you’re most interested in. If you want to compare reports of specific periods, you can easily do that .Moreover,you can downloaded your reports in PDF and CSV formats. The plugin allows you to exclude specific data sources from the reports by using filters.

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin. If you’re using Mailchimp to collect email subscribers to your website,you can now do that without even leaving your site’s dashboard. Mailchimp WD is the tool you’ll need to create stunning subscription forms for your store and grow the number of your store subscribers. It comes with an advanced form editor, where you can easily customize your forms from header to bottom. The plugin allows to add custom fields to your forms, which include PayPal integration, survey tools, file upload field, custom select, checkbox for multiple choice questions, and many more. The best thing about the plugin is that you can show/hide specific fields on your forms based on the selections your customers make. The plugin comes with its own set of advanced email settings to make sure you get the most of your email marketing efforts.

Social Warfare

The importance of social sharing buttons on online stores can’t be undermined. If you want to spread a word about your store and the products you offer Social Warfare plugin can be a perfect solution for you. It will help you get your store content shared on major social networks and drive more traffic to it. The plugin comes with highly customizable sharing buttons which you can place anywhere on your website. You can enable share counts to show how many times your content has been shared. The best thing about it is that the plugin allows you to fully control how your content is shared.

Google XML sitemap

This plugin helps search engines to better index your website. It does so by generating a special type of XML sitemap which helps search engines to see its structure. It’s kind of creates an archive of every page on your site.The plugin supports every kind of WordPress generated pages and custom URLs. Also, it notifies search engines about the new content you add on your site. This is a good way to get your store in front of more customers.

Zendesk Chat

Businesses that better serve their customers are more likely to increase their revenues. It’s important to provide timely support to your customers and that’s why online chat is a must-have on online stores. Zendesk is an advanced online chat plugin which allows you to chat with visitors surfing your store and provide a real-time support to them. The chat widgets are mobile optimized, and allow you to manage multiple chats through the dashboard. The plugin uses triggers to help you reach out to every customer that needs your help. It is also analytics integrated and super easy to customize.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache does a great job in optimizing your site’s performance and rendering better user experience to your customers. It uses CDN (content delivery network) to reduce the loading time of your site, which increases visitor time on site and ultimately affects your site rank on Google.com. The plugin also improves your server performance and helps you sustain high traffic periods.

If you’re serious about growing your online store, keep these advanced plugins in mind. They are widely used on various business sites and are sure to enhance your store’s functionality.