HEIGHT of a person is a factor which is essential for determining the personality of an individual. If you think that being short in height undermines your capabilities, then you are wrong. The only thing about tall people is that they do stand as a center of attention in public. Those people who are short in height suffer from a lack of confidence and even face difficulties in some phases of their lives. So, if you ask us that is it possible to increase height and grow taller naturally? Then, we would say YES. But how is it possible? You will get an answer to this here today. But before talking about it further, we want to let you all know that we are not expertise on this topic, yet we have researched and came up with this amazing article for all our readers who emailed us about their queries. Coming back to our discussion, let’s take a brief look at a complete guide for increasing height.

Did you ever look up to your peers? Are you afraid of being short in height? Are you tired of being the shortest one in your friend’s group? If you are here then obviously you want to know that how to grow taller. We have already told you that we are not the experts in this field, yet after receiving numerous queries by our readers, we have researched it for about a month and came up with this amazing article for you. Before starting with this guide, we would like to let you know that with these techniques, you can actually grow 1 to 4 inches. Do you know that your height actually affects your personal lifetime success? Yes. More than 70% of tall people are preferred to be hired over the shorter people.


Ever asked yourself a question that why you want to grow taller?

Most of the people who asked us for the solution gave us the reason that they want to impress their peers, future bosses, and potential mates. Not literally, but yes, scientifically it has been proven that people who are tall stands out well in the crowd. This has been due to the thousand years of the predator-hunter behavior. It has been checked over the fact that whenever a taller person joins the camp, he has been considered to be a threat and invoked a natural response of flight. This is also one of the reasons why women prefer to have taller husbands because they can provide them a natural protection. It is a natural human behavior which even exists today.


The very first thing which you have to consider after asking yourself a question, “how can I get taller?” is your Genetics. It is because they play a vital role in determining your height. It basically involves the combination of different genes together. What we are trying to say here is that if you have parents with shorter heights don’t mean that you will be also short.

Exercises to grow taller

At some point of time, you might have asked yourself a question, “how to grow taller naturally?” There are numerous exercises which can help you in growing taller naturally. The actual lengthening and straightening of the spine are the biggest factors which affect the height of a person. This length can be easily adjusted if you will work on your discs between your spin’s vertebrae. Few of the exercise include bow down positions, chin up bar, yoga positions like a cobra, super cobra, toe touch and pull ups.

Diet to grow taller

The largest factor to answer your question, “how can I get taller” deals with a proper diet since the childhood. It is really important to consume a healthy diet with a proper amount of water consumption. Apart from this, it is important to consume certain foods with natural supplements according to your age group. You need to follow your regular schedule of having three meals a day. Some of the foods and vitamins which you can consider include carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin D-3, proteins, and zinc.

Healthy Living

Do you know that the part of your growth structure is actually dependent on the holistic approach of healthy living? Yes. You just have to be confident enough about yourself and your abilities. You have to ensure that you perfectly take care of your immune system by in taking a proper amount of vitamin C, calcium, and proper rest. Just avoid processed or fast food and consume fresh food.

Leg-lengthening Surgery

If you are already a grown-up adult and your height has stopped growing, then you can consider having a leg-lengthening surgery. This technique must be considered as the last resort. It can be costly, painful and comes with a risk of infections. It is a surgery which implants a medical device into the bones of your leg which can help in bones lengthening. This process involves operation and thus requires time at a hospital along with the recovery time. You have to bear the leg pain during the recovery time which can cause you immobility and insomnia.

Growth Hormones

The human growth hormones play a vital role in growing taller. It is natural for some people to require chemical supplements for growing taller because they produce lesser amounts of growth hormones. You must get an advice of the medical professional if you suspect of being one of those people. Again, this technique must be considered as the last resort because it might raise some complications including the risk of cancer, skeletal deformities, weight gain, irritation, and pain.

Avoid Growth Stunting

It is an old saying that coffee affects the growth of a child. It is preferable to avoid alcohol and drugs because they can affect the height of your child. Also, one of the causes of shorter height is the malnutrition. Although coffee is not directly associated with the shorter height, but yes, it leads to insomnia which significantly disrupts the natural sleep pattern of a person. Also, one should avoid the intake of anabolic steroid which affects the growth and height of a child.


How Can You Increase Height Naturally

Do you know that 80% of your body height depends on your body posture, especially your spine? Yes. We will talk about it little later after this section. And the rest 20% depends on the diet, environment, and the activities.

  • While having rest and PROPER SLEEP, our body grows and regenerates the tissues. This means that for growing height, it is important to have a proper sleep. The Human Growth Hormone is produced in humans naturally during a slow wave, sound, and deep sleep. It is recommended to have a proper sleep of 11 hours for the growing children and teenagers in order to reach the maximum height. Your sleeping environment should be proper, serene and without ant disturbing noises or strong lights.
  • You must indulge yourself in REGULAR EXERCISES and sports because being physically fit helps in increasing your height naturally and keeps you active. Keeping yourself physically active will help your body demand more healthy nutrients and intake of nutrients helps in increasing height. Apart from regular exercises, you must indulge yourself into sports like basketball, swimming, football, aerobics, cricket and other stretching activities which help in enhancing your height. Apart from these, the hanging exercises even help in the growth of height.
  • Indulge yourself in practicing YOGA which is one of the best ways for increasing your height naturally. It helps in improving the overall fitness of your body. There are certain yoga postures which help in releasing the growth-inducing hormones and thus, help in strengthening the muscles as well as improving the posture of the body.
  • Maintain the right and balanced BODY POSTURE right from your childhood. We have talked about it, in brief, a little later. So, don’t forget to read further.
  • It is a must to have a proper and a BALANCED DIET which will give you proper nutrition. Avoid junk food, sugar-loaded foods, saturated fats and carbonated drinks. These foods affect the growth pattern of a person. You just have to ensure the proper intake of vitamins and minerals for a healthy growth.

How to Grow Taller By Correcting Body Posture

Most of the people think that by increasing their hormone levels and doing certain exercises can help them to grow taller. This is actually great, but most of the people forget that the body posture of a person plays a vital role in increasing your height. If you think about it, then it just makes sense, because your spine is 80% responsible for increasing your height. This means that if you have a bad body posture then it will harm the growth of your height. We have good news for you guys, that you can correct your body posture easily through some techniques which can help you in straightening your spine and adding few potential inches to your height.

We know that there might be a lot of people who are skeptical about this technique because they do think that it is impossible to grow taller after attaining puberty. However, this method works really well because you are just getting the most out of your height. The reason why people are short in height is because they compress their spine through a bad posture. This means that when you correct your body posture, it helps in straightening of your spine and increases your height.

What to Avoid?

  • Avoid slouching while sitting in a chair
  • Avoid curling up in the fetal position
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags

These things are not good for your body posture and avoiding these will help you in increasing your height. You might think that what things you can do to improve your body posture.

  • The best way is to do the BODY STRETCHESwhich are significantly focused on your spine. Do all the body stretches twice a day, right after you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at the night.
  • Just be aware of your BODY POSTURE when you are standing. While walking or standing, just keep your posture in mind. Avoid rolling your shoulders forward and roll them to back.
  • SLEEP WITHOUT PILLOW on your back. Most of you might not like this idea, but it works really well. A pillow affects the posture by putting the upper spine at an awkward angle.
  • While SITTING BACK IN A CHAIR, juts try sitting up straight with your back against the chair and shoulders at back.

The easiest and the best way to grow taller is by correcting your body posture. Some of the things which we have shared here might be uncomfortable for most of the people, but if you go well a week following them, and then it will become easier for you to notice a change in your posture and height with time.

It is a natural human belief that the heights of people stop growing after attaining puberty, that is the age of 16 and 18 for girls and boys respectively. Increasing height after the attaining puberty is a wish of those people who don’t want to remain short in height for a lifetime. However, researchers have proved that a person can increase his or her height after attaining puberty easily. Now, you are well aware of the things which actually affect the growth of your height both positively and negatively. Also, you got to know how to grow taller. So, do keep these things in mind when you ask a question to yourself, “how to grow taller” and find a solution for it.

So, here we wind up a complete guide for increasing height. This is all about how to grow taller. But, if you still have any questions or queries or know anything about it to make this article much better, then you can contact us anytime. We would love to have your feedback on the same.