The first social networking site that took the world by storm was Orkut. It came into action in the year 2004 and the founder member of this social networking site was Orkut Büyükkökten. But now everything will be a matter of past in few months down the line. 30th September 2014 will be the last day for Orkut. Since the emergence of other social networking sites people have been moving out of Orkut account which was once the popular networking site. It has been a long journey which lasted over a decade. 24th January, 2004 was the date when the curtain raiser event was held for Orkut, one of the oldest social networking sites.

Other platforms making its mark

Now YouTube, Google + and Blogger have taken over the social networking platform which was once ruled by Orkut. So many friends requests, catching up with old friends, staying connected with families and relatives who lived far away and many other activities were part of this platform. The best part of this platform was that the friends could write you testimonials which you could publish in your profile page. This made for an interesting read and you also know how much your friends valued you. Then there were several communities that were created by the members who felt the same way about some topics or any personality. So people who are part of these communities can be rest assured about one thing and that is the communities are here to stay even when the social networking site will be officially closed. The communities will be present online and if someone is not interested in continuing with the community, then that person can take their name off the list from Google account.

Google Will Shut Down Its Orkut Social Network In September

The Focus will be diverted

Now that Orkut is finally bidding goodbye therefore Google will now stream its energy and resources in bringing up various other social networking platforms to the level where it will be nothing short of amazing. The users who are part of Orkut will have some time now to export all the scraps, pictures, testimonials and activities through Google Takeout before the final nail in the coffin. The data that will be retrieved will be in a zip which will contain JPEG or HTML files. The communities as mentioned before will be archived and from 30th September it will be made available online. Brazil is one country which has been using Orkut heavily till date. Almost half the members of Orkut is from Brazil and then the maximum number of users belong to India and the count is 20%, followed by the residents of US who stands at 18%. Therefore, you can very well guess why Orkut is going out finally!

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Once the most popular social networking site which made all of us change the way we stay connected or communicated with our friends is bidding adieu on 30th September. It will still linger on in the memory of everybody as most of us started our social networking journey through this platform.

Source: Orkut